Evening watch switch up 馃攧

Does anybody else change their watch throughout the day? 馃槄


Sometimes. It would be hard to decide what to change to. The Monta Noble is always an easy choice. That is unless you are wearing it, then you would have to take it off.

Yes, sometimes multiple lol

Working from home now allows me to be within an arms reach of my watchbox. I switch constantly.

Yes, but mostly after work. Not sure I would want to take off that Monta Noble. Such a beautiful piece that鈥檚 on my current radar.

Rarely do I swap out my watch of the day. Holidays are the usual exception for me as I will often wear my grandfather鈥檚 watch for the family meal.


Often, yes. I take off the "work watch" and put on something more comfortable.

I'll often do the opposite on a day off where I might have been wearing a g-shock to exercise or around the house, then put on something else for dinner


Almost never. the only real exception would be if I have a formal event later in the day and then I'd switch to a dress watch, which I only wear with a suite. Luckily for me this is about once a year.

Yes, when I change outfits from work.