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Any strap recommendations?

Hi Guys, I'm looking for one or more new straps for my much loved Sinn 105. I got the original metall bracelet, a black NATO and a black rubber strap....

Enjoying this beautiful day with the Moonswatch and a cigar

I hope everyone is having an awesome day.

Moonswatch lume

I love the lume on the Moonswatch although it could be a little longer lasting. No problems so far with the watch. Love it馃槏

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commented on I did it!

Congratulations, you picked a beauty! Enjoy it馃憤馃槏

commented on Looking for a new watch

I can really recommend the Seiko 5 GMT. Great watch while not being to expensive. Certina offers good models as well. Have a look.

commented on Looking for a new watch

Any of the standard Seiko 5 Sports models are great. But if you want an additional complication you can opt for the Seiko 5 GMT SSK001K1, great watch. The Invicta Pro Diver is a good option as well. You get a beater watch with the NH35 for a very good price. Do you want the watch for a special occasion or for special activities like diving?

commented on Thank Goodness

I'm glad you came prepared 馃槀馃憤

commented on Zeitwerk

I wouldn't agree with that, horrendous looking artificially limited models. But everyone has to do what the like the most.馃憤

commented on Ls9009's WRUW

What a beauty馃槏

commented on Zeitwerk

Selling something this beautiful from a brand which is arguably better than Patek, Vacheron or any other brand is a wild choice. Hope you don't regret it.

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Lumeshot Seiko 5 GMT

I don't know why, but I'm pretty into lume the last few days. I never really cared for it besides the fact that it is there and I should be able to te...

SINN 105 St Sa UTC lume

Sinn really put a great watch together with this 105. Just wanted to show you guys the lume. Would love to see some lumeshots from you guys im the com...

Lume Shot

Hi everyone, I just thought I'd show you how the lume is on my new Sinn 105 St Sa UTC. It's really bright and lasts all night so I'm really satisfied...

Thank you Mr. Postman

Hi everyone. I was surprised when the postman rang this morning to hand me my new Sinn because the tracking said it would at least take another 2 days...

How do you bridge the time it takes your new purchase to arrive?

Hi everyone, simple question. How are you guys bridging the days it takes for your new purchase to be delivered? The waiting on my new Sinn 105 drives...

Finally got it

Finally decided to get it after the hype died down. I was very surprised about how light it was, but it'll be a great addition to the collection. I ju...