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New Ming 37.09 Bluefin

Ming just announced the 37.09 Bluefin with a couple of teaser pictures. It's a 600m compressor style dive watch using a 37 series case with a display...

New Straum Jan Mayen "Glacial"

New limited edition from Straum just came out A nice take on a glacier themed watch, I think it's very different from the Baltic one It looks strange...

Great experience at the Delugs showroom - Ming 22.01

TLDR : great experience and would 100% recommend if you're ever in Singapore Hi everyone, So a week ago I received my Ming 22.01 gilt, and although th...

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commented on The controversial Seiko Marinemaster SJE101

Saw this one at a seiko boutique. It's really nice but wears really small

I however feel like no watch above $1000 should have such a terrible clasp

commented on Best Brown Dial Under $2500
commented on New Seiko Marinemaster models

Saw the other color variants at a boutique. The watch is nice, wears smaller than I was expecting, and the finishing is very nice. The buckle however has no business being on a $3700 watch, or any >$1000 for that matter

commented on MAEN x seconde/seconde/

Love the concept

commented on MAEN Manhattan Project

Loving it

commented on Hypertore's WRUW

Ming 22.01 !

commented on Hypertore's WRUW

Me too. Lightplays make a dial dynamic and thus less boring. I was afraid this one would be too static since there's no applied indices or anything but the second sapphire makes for very different kinds of lightplay and the blue outer portion changes a lot depending on the light

+ The second sapphire makes the watch legible in every lighting condition which is incredible

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Taking one watch on a 4 month trip overseas

Hi everyone I'm flying to Singapore today for a four-month internship. I want to take one watch with me and I was set on taking the ginza alpinist, but then I wore my C65 dartmouth a bit and now I'm t...
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Kurono Tokyo 34mm "Calligra"

Going on sale Friday 23 for $1170 I really like the fact that they replaced the numerals of the previous iteration with Breguet numerals, these class...

Vitreum watches - An Anordain alternative ?

Discovered this brand a while ago, now their first Core Collection model is coming out on the 20th, the FH01 Arctic Blue. That blue enamel dial is to...

SOTC - 2 years into collecting - What's next ?

Two years ago I had a huge milestone in my studies coming up, and since the strap of my old gshock was on the verge of breaking, I thought I'd buy mys...

First watch box ! SOTC

Got my first watch box ! Any suggestions on what I could be adding to the collection next ?