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Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical

I love this watch! Yet I don't know the model numbers or the watch's name. Neither did the previous owner. All I found were: Omodox was founded by Uhr...

How often do you double wrist? And why?

I'm not talking about wearing a smartwatch or smart band on the other wrist. Those are tools/aid, so that's a different thing. I'm curious about how many of us wear two regular watches, be it quartz,...
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Happy Holidays

Hello Crunchers 👋🏽 Hope you all are doing well 😊 It's been a while since I last posted anything here. And I thought I should check in and update yo...

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commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

Yes. Love those!

commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

Thank you, Curtis! Totally agree with you.

commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

I'll call them art deco numbers then :)

commented on Happy Holidays ·

Lovely indeed!

I'd love to show you a few more fine Enicars of my friends'. Where can we chat? I'm pretty active on instagram.

commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

Oh my friend would love to see this beauty! Those numerals plus that red arrow second hand! Do these kind of numerals have any name?

commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

That is one beautiful timepiece, Chris! Also love the wheel train bridge on your movement, quite fashionable. Thank you for age-guessing my Omodox, wanted to know that since I got it.

Regarding the Delma-Swatch connection, I'll correct it. Just waiting for a few more people to give some input so that I can amend everything at once.

commented on Omodox 21 Jewels Mechanical ·

Thank you, Tim!

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The OG G

NWA on the Digi Hump Day!

Another little HMT

Got this lovely piece two days ago 😁 Powered by the HMT Cal. 2080, this piece is really growing on me. Sometimes it feels like a 33mm version of some...

The limited edition HMT Tareeq

It was a group project watch, made to order and limited to 1000 pieces. This colour is called Aquamarine! You already the inspiration behind the desig...

Time Flies ✈️

Just sharing the photograph, nothing much 😀 Took a propped-up photo after a long time. That damn origami fighter jet took 3x more time than the actua...

Which one looks better IYO?

It's still summer here so NATO straps are the way to go. Got this new Khaki one today, looks contrasty on the black dial. But I love the Bond one too, matches with the red seconds hand and green lume...
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When did this happen?

A few days back I proposed a badge for HMT. I'm not very active on WC these days, just checking in 3/4 times a week. Today all of a sudden I saw the H...