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Great Grandfathers Enicar Watch

For Christmas this year my father handed down my Great Grandfathers Enicar watch to me. He wore it during his time as an Aircraft Technician in the RA...

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commented on My grandad鈥檚 watch

This is a stunning piece!

commented on Hamilton Khaki H64615135

Perfect choice!

commented on Pure class...

Been on my wish list for a while, beautiful watch

commented on A Study Abroad Memento :)

This is absolutely stunning!

commented on AnalogExplorer's WRUW

This is stunning

commented on 1973 Seiko 7019-7210

Wow! That is one good looking dial! Beautiful watch!

commented on drcarter13's WRUW

Absolutely stunning!

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New Daily Runner!

After sadly cracking the screen of my Casio f-91w I figured I鈥檇 try out the f-91ws-2ef as my new daily wear!