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commented on With quartz watches/movements - At what price level do you start to get good quality ones?(Or if that is too subjective: What quartz movements are good quality and won't break the bank?"

Grand seiko quarts. Best in the business

commented on rodeenski's WRUW

Awesome watch. Looking to get that one day. Enjoy

commented on stephenlai's WRUW

that鈥檚 a nice one. Reminds of a similar one I had. Enjoy.聽

commented on Today鈥檚 New Purchase (Tudor Content)

Nice watch.聽

commented on hidayat.setiaji's WRUW

Never seen that watch before. standa out 馃憤馃従

commented on Oris Big Dial Pointer Date Vs. Seiko SBDC115

I would go with that Oris with that patina. Looks amazing.聽

commented on Zelos Hammerhead V3

I have the same one that I鈥檓 currently wearing in a single pass nato. I love the color and its patina is coming along as well. It鈥檚 also very tough and durable. Just recently wore it Atv riding and camel riding in the desert on vacation in the UAE.聽