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So what is luxury and what does it mean to you?

Very interesting video about what people perceive as luxury聽

I've done it again, I have no will power 馃槱 Ginault Silent Service Diver

Okay I know I said I was reducing my collection and I was doing really well at succeeding my goal of a 6 watch collection, with the help of being isol...

My eBay find arrived Serica WWW 38mm WMB

Well it arrived and I must say it's a great little field watch which reminds of the field watches of old. I've not done an accuracy test at all but it...

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commented on What is your grab and go? (Quartz and Solar only)

That鈥檚 one of mine as well, cool little watch

commented on It is time.....

I鈥檝e been laying low you might say due to medical issues and work related problems.

Suffice to say I鈥檝e just been lurking in the shadows throwing a comment in here and there when I get the opportunity.

I did see Greg鈥檚 post about the new 1WC but I don鈥檛 think I could commit at this point, still to much BS going on unfortunately. It is a shame though, I have the perfect watch for the challenge 馃槈anyway hopefully there鈥檚 a next time.

As for your watch culling venture, just be very honest with yourself and try and stay objective about it, focus on your end goal, which is to get that new special piece, that will make letting go of some of your current pieces so much easier. 馃槝

commented on It is time.....

Hi Kaysia,

If it makes you feel any better I鈥檝e bought and sold hundreds of watches over the years and while I do regret the selling of some, I鈥檝e never looked back.

I figure it鈥檚 all part of my watch collecting journey, how else could I afford to have so many different brands and styles of watches, well unless I were a millionaire, then money wouldn鈥檛 be an issue.

If you have to um and arr about whether you love or like a watch enough anymore to keep it in your collection, then it鈥檚 probably a good indication that you should let it go to someone else who will appreciate it and possibly wear it everyday.

I used to think I would keep every watch I purchased, that after searching and waiting for a particular one to come up that there would be no way I would ever let it go, how wrong I was. They are just watches after all and there are so many more that I want to experience before I leave this world.

So unless they have sentimental value, just enjoy them and then let them go.

Good luck with your sales and your journey 馃檹馃徎

commented on SoCal Meetup! Free drinks, free food, and... a special guest!!!

I'm just working on my transport logistics options from Sydney Australia, so far this could be my best option 馃憤

commented on Do you actually want a GADA watch?

I think if your a watch collector a GADA watch doesn't make any sense, that's why you collect watches, right? To have a variety of watches for all occasions, your military quarts piece to grab and go so you're not standing naked in front of your watch box scratching something besides your head, your diver to desk dive, the chrono to time your spaghetti, a dress watch to impress your friends on a night out and the list goes on.

Now don't get me wrong, I would love to be able to afford a Tudor and possibly one day I will, but it wouldn't be a GADA watch for me, it would just be an extension of my collection and worn in rotation along with the rest, just like my Casio Royal, they all have a place and time to be worn.

commented on laurik's WRUW

Love it, this one is on my radar 馃挴

commented on TonyXXX's WRUW

Thank you brother 馃憤

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