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So what is luxury and what does it mean to you?

Very interesting video about what people perceive as luxury
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I've done it again, I have no will power 馃槱 Ginault Silent Service Diver

Okay I know I said I was reducing my collection and I was doing really well at succeeding my goal of a 6 watch collection, with the help of being isol...
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My eBay find arrived Serica WWW 38mm WMB

Well it arrived and I must say it's a great little field watch which reminds of the field watches of old. I've not done an accuracy test at all but it...
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TonyXXX commented on NWA: A Descent into Madness

Yep all good, I just reloaded the page and bingo 馃槈

TonyXXX commented on NWA: A Descent into Madness

Try reloading the page again, I had the same problem but now I can view them 馃憤

TonyXXX commented on NWA: A Descent into Madness

No pictures 馃が for some reason I can鈥檛 view them.

I鈥檝e been in your shoes my friend and went back and forth pulling out what little hair I have left out trying to impress my significant other and in the end and much to my dismay I caved in and purchased her a rose gold Apple Watch 鈱氾笍, disgusting I know, but you do what you have to to appease the wife/ finance minister.

No truer word was ever said than 鈥淗appy wife, happy life鈥澛

I still think a nice Sinn or Tutima would have been the way to go, but each to their own and it sounds like you have a winner 馃so mission accomplished 馃憦

TonyXXX commented on Beef between Britt Pearce & Oisin O'Malley

Never watched either of these people. He seems like a pretentious twat and she comes across as a ditzy clown 馃ぁ聽

Either way I couldn鈥檛 care less about their little online BS disputes, it鈥檚 probably all just click bait.

TonyXXX commented on The penultimate watch in my collection have arrived!

I mean't exchange the strap, not the watch. But if your not bothered then all good mate, enjoy 馃檹

TonyXXX commented on The penultimate watch in my collection have arrived!

I was thinking about your dilemma with the stock strap. The Dievas I purchased came on a rubber strap and it's super comfortable and long enough for my 18cm wrist and I still had a couple of holes left.

You could try contacting Gnomon and explain your issue with the leather strap being too short for your wrist and see if they will exchange it for the Dievas rubber strap. Obviously the supplied strap that came with yours is unworn and so basically new so I don't see why they wouldn't consider this, even if you just had to pay the postage.

I think it's worth a try, the worst they can do is say no!

Here's a pick of mine with the rubber strap and others.

TonyXXX commented on The penultimate watch in my collection have arrived!

Excellent brother 馃憤 I knew you would love it, it鈥檚 just a shame about the strap.

Enjoy your new watch 馃憦

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Impulse buy. My new Serica WWW Field watch

Couldn't help myself while surfing eBay, when I came across this Serica WWW Limited Edition William Brown manual wind ETA Field Watch 38mm at an alrea...
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New HTD Spaceboy Skin Diver. My first opinions of it 24hrs on the wrist

Picked up only yesterday I was intrigued by the dial design being reminiscent of earlier skin dive watches of the 60's and 70's. It has traits similar...
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Thought's, opinion's and recommendations on my next purchase 馃檹馃徎

During this 1WC I've come to a realisation and opinion that I just don't need dozens of watches to make me happy. I had already come to this conclusio...
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First micro brand to use the Seiko NH34?

Well that didn't take long and as predicted micro brand manufacturers have already snapped up the new Seiko GMT movement. The watch shown was on I Lik...
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It arrived at last, my MMI TURRET MARINE CHRONOGRAPH BISMARCK YELLOW TRC-05 and my recount of the 1WC so far and the competitors involved.

Okay, by all means not a review of the watch, but a longish post much akin to HotWatchChick69's, sorry guy's bear with me on this one. It arrived and...
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And the winner is MinnKonaMike at 13:01馃帀

Thanks to everyone who participated and had a try at guessing the correct time. After going through 3 different post with varying answers, then calcul...
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Last day and last chance to have your guess to win the Orient Digital Chronograph

Last day to put forward your best guess. What time is displayed on this watch? 24Hr format and include the seconds. Quiz will end tomorrow, so don't b...
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