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It arrived at last, my MMI TURRET MARINE CHRONOGRAPH BISMARCK YELLOW TRC-05 and my recount of the 1WC so far and the competitors involved.

Okay, by all means not a review of the watch, but a longish post much akin to HotWatchChick69's, sorry guy's bear with me on this one. It arrived and...
20 229

And the winner is MinnKonaMike at 13:01馃帀

Thanks to everyone who participated and had a try at guessing the correct time. After going through 3 different post with varying answers, then calcul...
8 467

Last day and last chance to have your guess to win the Orient Digital Chronograph

Last day to put forward your best guess. What time is displayed on this watch? 24Hr format and include the seconds. Quiz will end tomorrow, so don't b...
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TonyXXX commented on The One Watch Challenge: Why are you in or out?

What would the poll title be and the questions asked ?

  1. Whinging juvenile collecting twat
  2. Self absorbed moron聽
  3. Openminded watch enthusiast 聽

I'll let you decide, after all I'll probably get flagged for this post 馃ぃ聽

TonyXXX commented on If franken was a verb, would you?

Have another bottle of red and buy another one, problem solved 馃ぃ

TonyXXX commented on Seiko 5 GMT first outing. Low Light Test Review Notes part 1

You need a MM300 with a 7 jewel high frequency quartz and dive bezel, I know one that's for sale at a very reasonable price 馃槈


Sorry but I still love your Alpinist, the new GMT comes in a close second though 馃憤

TonyXXX commented on Sakru Watches? Seiko Spirit SBTR027

I've purchased two watches from them and I personally had no issues at all. They even checked the bezel alignment on the diver I purchased before shipping to make sure it was a good one.

TonyXXX commented on What Bedside Clock Wakes You Up Every Morning?

This seems to be a reoccurring theme between you and I, it's happened on a number of occasions now. I don't know if I'm being stalked by you or possibly my mother or father had an affair I know nothing about 馃ぃ

TonyXXX commented on Fortis Marine Master M40

Welcome 馃憢 and firstly you've got my desk clock and how did you know that I wanted that exact Fortis 馃ぃ


Very nice watch indeed mate 馃挴

TonyXXX commented on Tissot Prx bracelet or leather 馃

Definitely the bracelet my friend, I've tried both on and well walk away with this one because the bracelet is so comfortable an well made 馃憤


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Only 2 days to go, so get your guesses in soon before the quiz ends馃憤馃徏

There's been some very close guessing so far, but no one has guessed the exact time so far. So before the quiz finishes have a try, there's no cost to...
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Day 4.Can you guess what time it is on this NOS Orient Digital Chronograph?

There has been some really close guesses so far, so keep them coming.
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Day 2. Can you guess what time it is on this NOS Orient Digital Chronograph?

Welcome to my next watch giveaway on WatchCrunch 馃憤 There has been some really close guesses so far, so keep them coming. After much deliberation and a...
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馃帀馃コ Congratulations the winner is "MORGANTHEDRUID of the Seiko Alba Chronograph馃帀馃コ

Thanks to all that entered and messaged me some interesting and some quite comical answers to the question " Why Seiko is the world鈥檚 leading watch ma...
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Free Retro Seiko Alba Chronograph Watch Giveaway ends in 2 days

Just a reminder for those that may have missed my earlier post this week that I'm giving away this NOS Seiko Alba Chronograph to some lucky WatchCrunc...
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Free Retro Seiko Alba Chronograph Watch Giveaway. My way of thanking the WatchCruch Community.

Free Retro Watch Giveaway from my own collection. Sorry to all those who have taken the quiz already, but the format won鈥檛 allow me to see who has tak...
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Drum roll please馃馃馃

The first Blue Sinn 556i in Australia is my new claim to fame. After months of waiting patiently for their release and sitting watching for them to dr...
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