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commented on 2023 - Will watches be easier to get from our AD?

Tudor Pelagos vs Rolex Seadweller

Walked into my local AD in NJ to see what new watches they had and to put myself on a waiting list for an explorer. When I was looking at the explorer with an associate the manager came out and offered me a Rolex seadweller that was available. Long story short I turned it down because it looked to similar to my Tudor Pelagos 42 which have had for about 6 months now. I figured it was too close in similarity both being big watches with helium escape valves. Also giving a chance to the next person who hopefully has it on their wish list.

commented on Bayl61's WRUW

Thanks will be ordering one tomorrow

commented on Bayl61's WRUW

Thank you. I will look into getting one from them as well.

commented on Bayl61's WRUW

I have the same one and I鈥檓 looking to replace the crystal as well. Where did you get the crystal from?

commented on New baby in the collection!

I own a grand seiko and have never seen this one. It鈥檚 really nice enjoy it to the fullest.

commented on How do you set your watch down at night?

Wow you were not kidding. Amazing

commented on With quartz watches/movements - At what price level do you start to get good quality ones?(Or if that is too subjective: What quartz movements are good quality and won't break the bank?"

Grand Seikos come in three different movements: Spring drive, mechanical and quartz.