With quartz watches/movements - At what price level do you start to get good quality ones?(Or if that is too subjective: What quartz movements are good quality and won't break the bank?"

For the uneducated like myself the world of quartz watches is a very confusing one. Quartz movements can be bought in bulk for around a pound/dollar a unit or you go up to the very high end ones which can be thousands of pounds/dollars.

They are highly accurate in comparison with mechanical movements, servicing is typically more affordable .It becomes even harder to figure it all out when various companies charge a huge mark-up for what are essentially cheap/basic movements.

Along with my G-Shock and ECO-Drive Citizen I would like a good quality battery-powered quartz watch in the far future, hopefully one which can be serviced, maintained and not thrown in the trash like so many "lower" end quartz watches.

Do you know of any good quality quartz movements to look out for? any good watches?

Let me know



Grand seiko quarts. Best in the business

In my experience the price level is all over the place for a "quality" quartz watch. I will use Seiko as an example. You can buy a Seiko Dolce model SACM150 with the 8J41 movement for around $400. The movement is rated to +/- 10 a year. That is the same annual deviation that you get from the Grand Seiko 9F series of movements that come in watches that are normally priced in the $2,500-$4,000 price range. The 9F movements are fully serviceable, and I assume the 8J41 is as well. In between those price ranges you can pick up a quartz Seiko Tuna for around $1,500 with a 7C46 movement. The movement is rated to +/- 15 seconds a month like most quartz movements, but it is serviceable, produces high torque to move bigger hands, and has a 5 year battery life, while the 2 previous movements mentioned only have a 3 year service life. I own a Tuna with the 7C46 and I love it. I also own a Grand Seiko with a 9F movement and I love it. And even with it small stature I wouldn't mind owning one of the Dolces as well in the future.

That's a good question.

First of all:

The movement is not the only factor that drives a price of a watch.






Brand image

and so on should ve also considered.

I think you can find one of the best quartz movements in relation to price in the Bulova Precisionist 96B158.

Although everything else around tge movementis on the lower side. But for around 250 dollar an high presicion and sweeping second is nothing to ignore.

Longines VHP is also quite damous but not cheap in any means.

Bruno S枚hnle gives their movements a beautiful finish and exhebition case back.

Anyway. I think quartz qatches are in general something reliable also in long term. I never had any issues with any of them so far.

I don't know what kind of watches you owned before. But I would never buy a watch with a chinese movement, which were used in the past intensivly by fashion brands. They survive usually not longer than 6 months to 2 years.

But any ETA or Ronda movement is fine. I also bought once a watch with a Miyota quartz as a present several years ago....still fine.

Anyway I would never pay more than 500 $鈧 for watch with a quartz movement. In very rare exeptions with high finished watches and good brand reputation you can up to 1K.

But that's it. After this limit there can't be enough arguments to pay more.

Other than the movements put into very expensive watches such as Seiko, ETA, Ronda, Seiko, and even Miyota movements are accurate and reliable. To be honest I don't see any reason to spend a fortune on a quartz movement as they are ALL accurate. Even the cheaper ones will only mean you have to change the time once or twice a year.


Ameriquartz in the Islander watch brand are great value and quality.

It's a bit tricky, you get what you pay for. Even ETA makes inexpensive quartz movements, and it may show. Personally I had good luck will all Ronda and Seiko quartz movements, so far. I also got some cheap Chinese ones, and while they all functioned, the most common problem is a wobbly seconds hand.

@AdrianR I hope you don't mind me tagging you here so that you can provide us with more insight!

wow this is one of the most tricky questions.

Most quartz movements are generally on par to each other regarding time accuracy. They are more accurate than the most expensive mechanical watches. As for the quality, it's best to stick with the already proven famous wide used brands like seiko ETA and ronda.

Personally I would not pay anything more than 500 USD for a quart movement.