Man steals Breitling Super Chronomat B01 44 from KoP mall

Distracted the staff and sprinted out of the store. I hear about watch theft on the streets of Europe much more frequently, but a dose of reality that it can happen literally anywhere, this was less than an hour from my house. All it takes is a second of distraction!

Link to article, not a whole lot of info.


It happens everywhere. Most AD's from where I live, even the ones in the malls have security guards and limits to now many people are allowed in the store. Seems like a weird watch to steal though. I don't know how much gold is actually in that watch.

I bet they specifically requested that to draw their guard down, it being an obscure piece.

Happened at my local Omega store. A gold Speedmaster was robbed the same way.

I don't think you have to feel personally threatened that someone robbed a mall near you, if that's your point. People stealing from a department store is not the same as a mugging.

Lol no not at all personally threatened, I don鈥檛 own anything worth stealing, and yeah this was a store not a person.

This is super common