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First bronze piece!

Ever since unexpectedly trying on an IWC Spitfire in bronze a few months back (fantastic looking watch btw), I have been very interested in adding a b...

Are leather NATO’s modifiable?

Question for the CrunchFam (especially those like me who prefer single-pass NATO’s over standard double-pass): Are leather NATO’s modifiable into a si...


If you’re like me, you love a good panda dial. Show us yours! OG pandas, reverse pandas, blue pandas, stealth pandas… all are welcome!

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commented on dumihed's WRUW ·

Great pick, sir… if I do say so myself 😆 I quite like it on mesh, personally!

commented on First bronze piece! ·

Agreed on Jomashop inventory issues… I’m 99% sure I clicked “notify me when back in stock” a while back, and 100% sure I didn’t get a notification… just checked it and by dumb luck it was there.

Congrats on the steel version, it is a banger as well!

commented on First bronze piece! ·

Totally agree- Hamilton nailed the OEM strap choice! The thinness of the case (under 10mm) also has me thinking that I just may avoid my insatiable urge to modify the strap from double to single pass… but we shall see :)

commented on First bronze piece! ·

Lol sorry my dude!!!

commented on First bronze piece! ·

Congrats 🎉! Not to worry- plenty of time and prices will likely continue to ease downward.

commented on Two months into the new year, how many of you, like me, have failed to keep your watch purchasing resolutions? ·

Right there with you. I was planning to hold out till seeing Watches and Wonders releases, then proceed with buying my first luxury piece from a boutique (Tudor BB54).

But then, a more affordable watch I’ve had my eye on (Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical in Bronze) was restocked at Jomashop in limited quantities, and the price was too good to resist. Pounced on it and the next day, it was sold out… so I feel relief rather than regret since I was able to snag it at such a good price. Im also fortunate enough to still be on track for my post-W&W purchase… for now, that is 😆

commented on First WatchCrunch wrist shot ·

Welcome- great first watch to post!

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Is it just me, or does this drive you nuts too?

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SOTC 2023 (9 months collecting)

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NWI (new watch incoming) - JDM Speedy

Hey CrunchFam- just wanted to share the exciting (to me) news that I took the plunge on my first Chrono24 purchase. It’s a JDM Omega Speedmaster Date...


Before you get too excited- I’m talking about bronze. I went to a watch fair at a local AD today, and among all of the stunning pieces from Rolex, Gra...