Project Build a Camel - The Auction

So, at long last, we come to the point that, quite literally, some of us have been waiting for.

After months of decisions and, in the case of the handset, readjusted decisions, we built this...

It's a stainless steel case with sapphire glass both front and back. It has a solid NH35 movement (regulated by yours truly) and it's running to within +/- 5 seconds per day on the timegrapher. I see similar performance on the wrist. The movement is decorated with a nice blue rotor. It has a screw down crown (signed with "S" for Superb 馃槈 ) and 100m of WR. The lume is pretty awesome too.

Who wants a Rolex when you can have a Gasworks designed by the WatchCrunch collective.

Diameter is 38mm

Lug to lug is 46.5mm

Depth is 13.4mm

Lug width is 20mm


Ignore the strap, it's just for show.

If you cast your mind back a few months to when I suggested this ridiculous idea, the whole point was to auction off the result and, hopefully, raise a few quid for charity.

I've thought long and hard about what charity we could donate to. Initially, it felt like an impossible choice. There are so many charities and all of them deserving of support (that's kind of the point of a charity I guess). However, in the end, it proved not to be a difficult decision at all.

My family and so many families I know have gone through the agonisingly traumatic experience of living with, and eventually losing someone they love, to dementia.

Just before Christmas last year we lost my dear Aunty Jenny to Alzheimer's. It is a cruel disease that slowly and inexorably removes all semblances of the one you love. They're still physically there but in reality the person you knew and loved effectively no longer exists. It's stressful and heartbreaking.

Here she is with my mum in happier times. My mum is the one standing up.


She was a star; caring, funny and hilariously straight-talking at times. She was once confronted by a man with a knife whilst working in a shop. He asked her to open the till. She replied very sternly:-

"You can bugger off, you're not having anything"

... he left empty-handed and feeling rather chastened one assumes.

During the last years of her life, both Jenny and the family were provided with wonderful support by Dementia Jersey. They're a tiny charity based, oddly enough, in Jersey and they deserve all the support they can get.

So, I'd very much like to donate the proceeds from this auction to Dementia Jersey.

So... to the auction itself...

1. Please post your bid in the comment section below

2. I'll open the bidding at 拢20. Please outbid me!!

3. The auction will close on Thursday, 2nd March at 21:00 GMT.

4. If you are the winning bidder at that point then I will DM you and you can then Paypal me.

5. I will then post a screenshot of the full donation to Dementia Jersey. I'm covering the cost of the parts/build so the full amount you bid will go to them.

Thank you all so much for your support in this. I've loved every minute of it and hopefully the watch will find a loving home... it's our very own Camel after all...

Opening bid - 拢20

馃コ 拢30 for an awesome watch and an awesome cause!







Alzheimer鈥檚 can fuck off


My mum who passed recently had alzheimers. Im fully on board mate.

A fabulous looking watch and a damn good cause. I've got family with Alzheimers too. It's an awful disease. 拢55.

You guys.. special x

I've put the dimensions up above now. 38mm with 46.5mm lug to lug

拢100 馃コ


...and look at that lume now we've chosen the right hands.


拢100 馃コ



It's running at +2 seconds per day on the timegrapher



Hell yeah! Fuck Alzheimer鈥檚 !!


Winning bid atm is 拢90 with @Guvnor64

Please remember the exchange rate if bidding in $

Just donated to Dementia Jersey. Lost Dad to a very ugly Alzheimer鈥檚 death four months ago. Thanks for donating your sweat and toil, and thanks to those bidding on this beautiful watch, so others won鈥檛 have to go through what your Aunt and my Dad did.

BTW: I think the pictured strap looks great!