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A strap makers tools

A glamour shot

Matching faces to straps!

My grandfather’s Rolex deserves a new strap! Trying out this alligator for a match, could look pretty sharp!

Doxa as luxury?

I think it works.

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commented on High End Straps: ·

It’s not “for” someone in the West. The cost of living is higher in the West. You see this same phenomenon in graphic design. You’ll pay more to someone living in the same country as you vs someone living in a country with very different cost of living. This isn’t complex stuff.

commented on High End Straps: ·

The skill and detail required to hand make a leather strap for someone in the “West” is worth far more than 60$. Craftsmanship should not be cheap.

commented on JLC Master Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Geographic ·

Been looking at the model you have on your wrist for a while. Really nice

commented on Review of Islander x Urban Gentry Rangemaster - mechanical nostaligia ·

Not myself, I felt it matched a more rugged leather look. Good luck with the bracelet!

commented on Ladies watch recommendations ·

This is a problem. Micro brands sell to men mainly do the demand just isn’t there.

commented on DukeandDrummond's WRUW ·

Im afraid I am as clueless as you, I would think 90s at a guess!

commented on Patinas earned.... ·

Fine looking fish as well!

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Upgrading the Rangemaster Mechanical

Made a new strap for this field watch using “elephant” leather for that safari vibe.

Experimental cane toad leather strap

Thoughts? Do you like the look of this leather?

Oh what a difference straps can make!

Always amazes me how different a watch can feel with a different strap. Do you have a watch that radically changes character between straps?

Review of Islander x Urban Gentry Rangemaster - mechanical nostaligia

This watch feels a bit like Marmite here on WatchCrunch - for those not in the know that means you love it or hate it. People seem to attach their own...

Islander Rangemaster Mechanical

3.0 Avg. Score

Friend’s Roamer Rotodate

My friend got this from his dad and needed a strap. Made him a very simple black and grey/silver thread strap.

Skeleton watches from the International Museum of Horology in Chaux de Fonds

Snapped a few pictures of skeleton watches on my visit to this wonderful museum