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7.50” / 19.05 cm Wrist
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Watches in the wardrobe 😕

We never really found a space for the boxes, so they move around the bedroom, sometimes on the drawers, or on the floor, or under the chairs... wherev...

Raketa "Goroda"

Posted for no other reason than I see my son's flight is passing close to Tashkent, shown on this world timer at roughly the 2.30 position - this is a...

NOT a SOTC, just a dozen outliers

I'm not going to bore everyone with the entire collection, but here's a dozen that I wear when I want something a little different. Nothing too outrag...

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commented on Do you have a watch that wears big that you still enjoy anyway? ·

My Fossil is right on the edge but is saved by the curve of the bracelet 42 dial / 51.4 lug


The Timex Tide-Compass with a 45 dial is oversized but I like the different design, so quite happy for it to shout at you:


And this Komono which I wear as a joke and a counterpoint to the busy chronos I usually wear. An oversized 46 dial and 56 lug... but just the one hand.

commented on Can someone please explain to me why this 32k watch isn't METAS certified? ·

Yes you've got it right, it's the standard ridiculously overcharged precious metal content. That's not having a go at Tudor, the entire watch industry takes the P on this.

commented on NEW RECORD!!! 🤯 (Random Read) ·

...only if you're house was originally $ eight figures.

Interested in why you tagged Rolex, this is the exact opposite of their brand!

commented on Cantaloop's WRUW ·

There's very little difference between the two, they're both Seagull originals, FKJB is the one that's copied by everyone and had a run of 5500, the Plan B is a slightly different face and was limited to 650.

They're both with the ST19 movement, I think one has the Swanneck but can't recall off hand. The script on the back is is different, the FKJB has a solid back and mine came with a display option, Plan B I think was only with the display. The script on the bridges is different (I don't think non-Seagulls have markings on the bridge), both movements are numbered, and the LE numbers are marked on the rear case.

On the face the Plan B has lume markers on each hour and on the hands, the font for the hours minutes and subdials are all different, the stick markers are different, the text is different, and they've added some rings which are very much visible when wearing but difficult to pick up when photographing.

commented on Pobeda ·

I have a similar dial that was £19 delivered, quite a few years ago now. I got it running between +9 / -35 on the timegrapher (beat error is woeful) but on the wrist it levelled out to -10 / -20. I should open it up again and move it to positive if possible. I'm like you, I always prefer on-the-wrist measurements, and use the timegrapher as a tool.

(Movement is a 15 jewel cal 2602)

commented on Andrew Morgan’s take… ·

There were some interesting watches - not much of a surprise that the first segment showed little innovation.

commented on Acrylic vs Sapphire Speedy ·

Mine was a pre-moon and if I bought another it would be the same. I'd take acrylic on 9/10 of my collection if it was available.

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FWIW there are several models with discounts to RRP of 38-47% (their figures). They seem to get Hamilton stock a couple of times a year.