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Bracelet for vintage cornavin

Hey watchfans ! What do you think about this goldplated watch strap for this vintage cornavin ?

Good night sleep

Personally i dislike glancing at my phone at night or early morning to check the time, i really prefer to go classic for this I present to you fellow...

Pagani GMT

Hi crunchers ! I would really like to give it a try to the pagani gmt , but I don’t know whoch one to get , black or pepsi ? Jubilee or standard brace...

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commented on Bracelet for vintage cornavin ·

Yeah thought the sale about the lugs :( , i really like the weight of it though

commented on Pagani GMT ·

Thanks !!!

commented on Mathiaswatchthewatch's WRUW ·

I will try ! , yes it happens to me too !, its big and sometimes sort of uncomfortable, but i love it !

commented on Watchmaker ruined my watch ·

Feel you to man, that sucks

commented on Mathiaswatchthewatch's WRUW ·

Yess ! Thats right , although small for todays standards, its quite heavy , i love it , and the interesting history behind it

commented on Which Color for SMP 300M? ·

I love the blue one, classic

commented on A new watch for a special occasion ·

Sorry for your loss my friend … by the way EXCELLENT choice of watch , perfect

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Sturmanskie 3133

One of my grail pieces, being a pilot myself this, i think, is a great way live history , aviation and space wise This particular piece is from the 90...