NOT a SOTC, just a dozen outliers

I'm not going to bore everyone with the entire collection, but here's a dozen that I wear when I want something a little different. Nothing too outrageous, just good fun when I need a change from my standard dress/ sports/ chrono. I have several others but this box limited me to 12. There are so many more I could look to, but I've got to start setting limits!

Baltany's homage to the VC1921 is a gorgeous salmon with applied indices, I actually prefer this to the VC. I'm a sucker for small seconds, this one is powered by a Seagull auto.

Briston Clubmaster, quartz chrono with a gorgeous acetate case and cut-out numbers. I liked this so much I bought a green one too. The case often gets comments.

Fossil Twist Arkitekt was a gift nearly 15 years ago. I've included because of it's odd dual movement; the main is quartz with the sub-seconds independently running on a 25 jewel automatic. I've no idea why.

Gul Tide watch has a central disc that rotates to show the tidal movement, awkward to set but they're fun colours in the summer.

Hroudland's Omega TV dial Speedy homage. Not exactly "out there" but a great period vibe.

Lobinni dress watch with Miyota auto. I'm still getting used to it and I'm not 100% sold on it yet, but it's not like anything else in my collection.

Moels 528 is just a joy to wear, I love the hands and the negative space.

Mr Jones Paper Crane, a recent gift. There's symbolism and meaning behind the paper crane. My only black cased watch, I'm waiting for a black ceramic bracelet (same style as the Hroudland) to complete it.

Raketa Kopernic, I get quite a few comments on this one. It's a surprisingly accurate timepiece (which I failed to wind for this photo).

Straton Cuffbuster Sprint, homage to an early 70s Desotos (which has been on my wishlist since I saw it on the back cover of the Retro Watches book). I like the Straton design language so when they brought this out I knew I'd buy it. I chose 70s brown to fully engage with the period aesthetic. Fabulous with a brown leather jacket or my tan hoodie.

Timex Tide Temp Compass is a chunk of a watch to wear, but it's an interesting look, and the tide is easy to set and very useful when I take the dogs to the in-laws by the coast. I love this watch.

Vager Hauers "Yuan Heng Li Zhen" is powered by a Miyota auto. The larger subdial is the ancient Chinese grand hour. I enjoy having no western characters on the dial, but fortunately the date has Arabic numerals.


Woo hoo! Timex T/T/C! ❤


Even your watch box is classy!

Fabulous collection. Tough choice between the Hroudland and the Moels for me. They're all amazing though.