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Which field watch would you buy

Just made a post didn't realize you could make a poll so here goes, which field watch would you get prices with models
91 votes

Choices choices choices.... Which field watch to buy

Hello watch lovers, quick debate, Im looking to replace my Timex mechanical field as it broke and I'm looking at 3 seiko 5s two are part of the midfie...

What do you use your watch for????

Sup watch nerds.... Wanted to post another question to y'all. Why do you wear a watch. Are you like me, to tell the time. Or do you like the way it lo...

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BerserkerTK commented on This is my hate to love watch brand, what鈥檚 yours?

Everyone will shoot me for this but Casio, I don't like digital watches in general but God damn Casio makes em look so good. Like an Alfa GTV6 you know that car will burn you but God damn it looks so good

BerserkerTK commented on Which field watch would you buy

And yes I looked into it after I made the post 馃榿

BerserkerTK commented on Which field watch would you buy

Not for that price mate current prices where I'm at are hovering 750-800 at the moment. I don't know what's going on with them but it's just too much for a simple field watch.

BerserkerTK commented on Which field watch would you buy

No as far as I know Seiko stopped making full lume dials with Seiko 5s but I'm not sure on that

BerserkerTK commented on Which field watch would you buy

Jus kidding damn looks good

BerserkerTK commented on Which field watch would you buy

Is it the big one or small one 馃ぃ Seiko likes to make large and small twinzies

BerserkerTK commented on PROVE. ME. WRONG.

While I would agree, there isn't a perfect watch, isn't this more subjective to the wearer, I had the perfect watch during my younger days but it's dead now and for personal reasons I'll never get it fixed. So I bounce between watches because I'll never have that experience again closest I could get was with a budget orient bambino, still not quite right.

Where by someone I know bought a Casio world timer and has. Worn that watch for donkeys years, it was in his wrist during his wedding, first kid, second kid and he still wears it, I recently fixed the strap for him and asked him why he just doesn't buy another since his looked like it went through a tank.

Hes exact reply was when you find the perfect watch you don't need to look further.

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