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Can you guess what badge I received today ?

here’s a clue I think I’m the only one that received it…..😂
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The devils in the detail

Morning cruncher land Just sitting relaxing with morning coffee and I glimpsed at my watch, today I’m wearing my 2011 Breitling chrono superocean, I n...


How you all doing this evening? Well I’ve just spent an hour building and tinkering with watches one of my favourite pastimes 👍🏻. Those who know me,...

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commented on Bayl61's WRUW ·

Thanks Tone! 🙏🏻 I love black n white photos so classy and elegant👍🏻

Hope your day is good bud 👍🏻

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Every day could be a blueday in my little world dev 😂🤣😂

commented on Bayl61's WRUW ·

Thanks a lot Nino, you wearing yours today?

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Spot on graphic Rich 🎯

Thanks bud have a great day

commented on Bayl61's WRUW ·

Thanks Luke 🤣😂

commented on Bayl61's WRUW ·

Thanks Ryan 🙏🏻

commented on Bayl61's WRUW ·

Thank you Rusty, hope your day has gone well 👏🏻👏🏻

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Pub night. I’ve decided tonights wrist wear is the Duro but which one?

Well it’s Friday and I’m goin down the pub! I have done one of these polls before for a bit of fun! Well I’m off to the ivy as it’s called, goin for beer n Scratchings 😎 Trouble is I need your help,...
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My Xmas haul, NWA

Well it’s all over and so soon! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families and had some super celebrations! Just a quick post to share wit...

I’m sorry but I’m bored…….

You have to Your life depends on it There’s no way out you have to choose one or your dead…… Which of these "beauties" would you choose Which of these quality timepieces would enrich your life?
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Doing what I like best……………

Just repaired a 1990’s Timex chrono, a friend’s first watch from his parents. Full strip and clean plus mechanism replacement and new rear seal, it’s...


Get in there!👊🏻