Are you concerned about your location?

You may have read @watchovski’s post about the burglary at his property yesterday.

All of his watches along with all the jewellery in the house were stolen.

Comments were raised about locations on Bio’s giving away clues on social media. (If you take photos using the camera via WatchCrunch or the WatchCrunch app you cannot edit a photo location)

If you upload photo’s from your library and have an iPhone ( sorry not sure bout android phones) and you don’t want to completely switch off location services ( it is useful!) here’s a quick tip about removing locations from the photo’s your about to upload…

1/ open library

2/ hit "select"

3/ pick the photo or photo’s you wish to upload

4/ at bottom of the screen hit "options"

5/ switch off location

Hope this helps and you find it useful, sorry just trying to help👍🏻


Fortunately I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, but feel for y'all who live in cities.

Sad there's scumbags out there with no morals.

Good luck to you all. 💪🏼