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My STP 1-11 broke and need advice

My zodiac- ceramic has a movement issue and no the date wheel can't be changed from the crown at all. Doing some research it's not uncommon for zodiac...

Strap Help

I sorta hate this watch right now and need help with strap ideas. In most lighting the blue dial doesn't really get seen and it looks more like black....

Multiple watch box idea

Not sure if this is a normal thing already, but I've had the idea of having my main box that people see has the main stuff in it. I would also have a...

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commented on 1 watch ~ $1000

Zodiac Root Beer GMT. There is one on eBay right now for 700

commented on My STP 1-11 broke and need advice

Yea it was super surprising to feel how bad it felt. Thought it was just stuff compared to other watches and I think stiff is the best way to describe it.

commented on My STP 1-11 broke and need advice

Well I personally I'm going to eventually go into the watch making field and do it professionally. I already know a watchmaker that will definitely give a look and tech me how to fix the problem. I just already didn't fully love this watch before this happened and honestly the way the crown and stem felt to the movement was the worst I've ever felt and it was a bummer. I'm thinking that just swapping it to something new will help this problem and that one at the same time

commented on My STP 1-11 broke and need advice

Thats sorta my plan, but I can't help but have a sour taste in my mouth for the movement since mine is practically brand new and it's failed in a similar ways as others. Just scary since I am a young collector and I don't have a lot if money for watches.

commented on Multiple watch box idea

Thats always been my mentality but there are so many cool watches

commented on Strap Help

Well my hope is a different strap would help me love it more. And honestly that strap is pretty cool. I'll give it a try I think.

commented on Strap Help

Well honestly I am just looking to trade it for pretty much any other zodiac sea wolf and there are colors that I prefer obviously but idk, just not feeling this. I also have a weird thing about mesh bracelets. I have looked as universal pvd bracelets and I like them but I want a cheaper option for now like a NATO or something.

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I want to have these all on a table for fun.

I really want to see the shear differences in these watches. Maybe I missing something important in the middle but I would love to feel all of these a...

How would I go about getting a true vintage rolex?

My dream watch is a Rolex Date just with the linen dial in all steel, but I don't know if I'd want to spend that money on chrono24. I also don't know...

Do you guys have watch friends? I can't seem to get any馃槄

I have purchased watches for my best friend, and friend from high school I'm close with and a now ex girlfriend but none of them have really been give...

Two watches on person idea

Ive always liked the idea that I'd have a waterproof watch and a non-watch. For example a gshock and a moonswatch. So that if I need a water proof wat...

Do you any of you guys wear Baby G?

I really don't like the size of my friends base model Dw-5600 and I'm think a Baby-G square would be a good sub in size. I also kinda like the colors...

Which of these would you guys choose?

Just like the idea of an all grey watch and putting a bright colored strap for personality. Which of these do you guys like the most?