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Alpinist in the Midwest

It鈥檚 Monday, my watch is blue, and the ground is white. The last few weeks there have been high temps of 1-10F in the Twin Cities, but today the high...

Show me your mod projects!!

Just finished modding this Orient Kamasu II. Man, the original bezel was nearly impossible for me to get off. I legitimately needed to use a hammer. B...

New mountain glacier Alpinist

This is the controversial non-limited Mountain Glacier Alpinist from a few years ago. I received a restock notification from Masters in Time, with the...

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commented on State Of The Collection 2/24... Out Of Hand?

You have a great collection!

Yeah depends, I can only speak from my own experience but I did have up to 24 at one point. I found it was stressful not being able to wear great watches that frequently.

commented on watchstack's WRUW

Thanks bro, this one is special to me

commented on What is the point of the second hand?

I need the second hand to calculate pulse rates of animals like 30 times per day, but I know I鈥檓 the minority of people who actually need a watch for work.

commented on DrColinDTate's WRUW

Classic and nearly indestructible

commented on NiroZed's WRUW

I should try aquis, your鈥檚 is a stunner

commented on Adamasuta's WRUW

I wish we could get more domed bezels or even better Bakelite bezels

commented on watchstack's WRUW

You have a keen eye, it is actually made from copper. The process is called copper electroplating. If I understood the process correctly, they start with a 3D printed template submerged in a solution of copper ions, apply an electric charge, and then the copper solidifies on the surface of the template.