Do you ever feel bad

Have you ever felt that you held back on wearing a watch of yours, based on the value/resale value?

And that the value of the watch destroyes the experience?


No, I never have had that experience. Love all my watches. Some just get more wrist time than others. They are all valued.

Enjoy that watch!



Yip, I avoid wearing my higher value watches in London

Absolutely not. Get them insured and wear the hell out of them. What I paid is just a number that's irrelevant to my enjoyment and appreciation.

Nope - wear them, otherwise what鈥檚 the point

I have considered the areas I live and travel through when I decide what watch to wear.

As to if that spoils the wearing experience, not so much because I live in relatively safe country and area.

When I travel internationally I wouldn't wear my more $$ pieces. I travel with watches that I can have peace of mind should any wayward misadventure occur

I rotate my watches regularly so this is not an issue. There are those Enthusiasts who will wear a nice watch to work on their car or get yard work done as an example. Some choose to wear their nicer watches when no heavy lifting is being done.

Depends on the person wearing the watch. Your green dial Rolex looks amazing. I would not wear that watch to the gym. They make G-schocks for those types of activities.

No. I鈥檓 probably an outlier in that I鈥檝e never sold a watch that I bought. So that鈥檚 not part of the equation. I wear watches that usually are appropriate for the activities we are doing. So wear what you like. Period !

Nope. I wear my most expensive watches the most with no qualms.

Nothing that expensive to worry about.

Not really. For me it鈥檚 more that I realise I prefer wearing certain watches (regardless of price) and the thought sometimes creeps in on why I鈥檝e spent more on those with higher 鈥渧alue鈥.