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Yema Rallygraf

My watch of the day

Anyone Else Been Thrown Off Of WUS?

The busiest watch forum by far is Watch You Seek, but I'm never quite sure why. It's full of rude watch snobs who talk down to people all the time, an...

How often do you change the watch you are wearing?

I'll start off. On average about twice a day Now you.............

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commented on What makes a watch good?

I think that ultimately it comes down to value for money. A $500 watch isn't going to be as well specd as a $5000 watch, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good watch. One should look at several factors such as case finishing, movement, bracelet/strap, crystal material, crown, and if applicable the bezel. What one shouldn't be bothered about is the name printed on the dial

commented on Whitesalmon's WRUW

Must be worth a fortune

commented on Bedtime Lume

It's my Helm Komodo and Van Banner Parking Master that lead the pack when it comes to lume, although my Axios Flagship is hot on their heals

commented on First mechanical/automatic - noob questions.

Seiko are overpriced and under specd. I would suggest Phoibos or San Martin as a good starting point perhaps.


For symmetry I would say polished, for practicality I would say brushed

commented on Is 34mm a watch size only for women?

It's all proportionate to your wrist size. With a 15cm wrist a 42mm watch would look daft, if you hade an 8" wrist a 34mm watch would look daft. I think a 34mm watch on your wrist size would look great, and think anything up to about 38mm would also be fine

commented on Dial colour variety in a collection, do you care?

I am surprised there isn't an option to say that colour variety is important to me, because in my case it is. I have dials in black, white, silver, grey, red, orange, burnt orange, green, yellow, purple, bronze, brown, and blue. I have 32 watches, and can't even imagine how boring it would be if they were all the same colour


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What makes a collection?

In my opinion one watch is a watch, not a collection, two watches are two watches, not a collection, three watches are three watches, not a collection...

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These are my four

I presently own four CW watches, but have owned many more. I just revived my Super Compressor by putting on the original unworn leather strap in excha...