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Rummaged around and found 2 watches I forgot I had.

There is no battery in the Scuba, the Kinetic needed a vigorous shake to start moving. Wore the kinetic as my "beater watch" for years, it is on its 2...

Vacation time! Watch situation on Costa del Sol?

Does someone have up to date info on situation at Costa del Sol? I am travelling there soon and am debating which watch(es) to take with me... I still...

Took Erebus swimming.

I am slowly getting over the disappointment with the dial. Went swimming at the local pool, watch did fine, this black tropic style strap is a surpris...

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commented on Are fashion watches great now? ·

I mean, the J12 GMT in matt ceramic IS kinda nice...

commented on Your favourite watch.... only a little bit better ·

Remove crown guards from Sinn 556i and modify crown to suit.

commented on What are your weekend beaters? ·

Recently, Erebus Origin. Previously G-shocks and a royale. Before that a Seiko Kinetic and a Suunto Observer black.

commented on Eliminator's WRUW ·

Perfect watch for low stakes re-finish experiments.

commented on My dad’s SMP ·

I got a knock off G-shock 😆.

commented on Summer Nato Suggestions? ·

I could see that on a black and red zulu or a nato.

commented on Watch Gang...thoughts? ·

I have learned my lesson in the 90ies with a "Music club" that sent a monthly CD if you didn't cancel it. I still have a bunch of CDs that I have listened to once.

I fear it would be the same with watches. And with watches I would definitely want to see it "in metal" to see if I like it...

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Erebus is here!

I am a long way away from Australia, it has been annoying watching all of the content when mine was still on the way... paid for this in 2023 so techn...

Divers in the snow.

It has been snowing again for the last few days, I was clearing my back deck (again) and thought the winter sunset seems like a nice light for some pi...

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Ceramic?

Ran across a used one on sale locally. I really like the idea of a scratch proof diver. Does anyone have hands on experience with this? Zodiac in gene...

Happy holidays WC!

Enjoying a sip of single malt after a family dinner.

Another build.

Same as with my previous build, I wanted to see if I'd wear a field watch without spending tons of money. Someone posted about the tandorio a while ba...

Traveling with watches. Solutions for watches on a bracelet.

Let's say one needs to pack 3 to 4 bracelet watches to take with on a trip. A leather watch roll is ill suited when the bracelet doesn't lay flat. Ple...