Bracelet or No bracelet

I have been noticing something that may be weird or redundant, But I am having a hard time wearing a watch that does not have a bracelet. I have a couple of watches that allow me to change them in and out as I please but I still always prefer the bracelet. Am I the only one that has this issue?

I'm also a bracelet guy 馃馃

Other way around for me - 14 watches, zero bracelets :)

I probably prefer leather straps more than bracelets, it's really hard to find a comfortable size on my bracelets in my experience.

I find bracelets to be the most versatile... but I like switching it up and wearing a strap every once in a while

Bracelet guy here checking in 馃憢馃徏 Just too easy to wear with everything. Also its nice to slip on and just secure instantly. Not that straps take that much longer...Beautiful watch btw

I like both. But I find myself preferring either a bracelet or a tropical strap.

12 watches, all bracelets bar 2.

I'm unbiased


I have no problem wearing straps, but with a bracelet the feeling of a full-fledged watch is indescribably better

Bracelets for sure but it sucks having to pay 20%+ extra 馃ゲ.

It's always bracelet ... All Day Every Day 馃馃徑

Most of my watches are on bracelets but I would say that some watches work well on straps. The most important thing to me is how it blends in with the case and whether it feels like it belongs on the watch.

With you. I'm a bracelet guy. I make a stink about having quick change bracelets but I never change them.

Bracelet 95%.. G-Shock resin 5% of the time.. 馃憤

Im usually the opposite.

Bracelet guy.... If they fit feel right

The only time I wear anything but a bracelet is if OEM or fitted end aftermarket bracelet is not available. Have passed on many a watch because no OEM bracelet option was offered.

Bracelets are for special events for me. I normally put all my watches on leather, rubber or a nato(depending on the watch)

Nope. I love bracelets.

I prefer leather on most my watches. But it totally depends on the watch. Bracelet on a diver? It makes no sense. To me, it depends on what the watch is being used for. Some watches oook great on a bracelet and others don鈥檛.

Was always a staunch bracelet guy but now it鈥檚 a rubber strap for me for my daily drivers. I do swap out to a bracelet if I鈥檓 going more formal. Plus it saves wear and tear on the bracelets.

You're not alone mate. I occasionally wear some of my watches on straps but after one or two days they go back on the bracelet for weeks.

I鈥檓 100% a bracelet guy too. But sometimes when things go stale or you鈥檙e bored you might get the urge to strap things up 馃槇. I went through that, doing straps with most of my watches, then back to bracelets and swearing off straps forevwr, and now after a month or so I鈥檓 back to doing straps again 馃槵馃槶馃ぃ

Same for me. I do like a nice exotic reptilian band on a dress piece as well. Never been into NATO or distressed bands; they downgrade the look of a fine piece IMHO.

A good bracelet is all you need

Guilty. Five watches, five bracelets.

I too am a bracelet lizard human


I can't wear much else besides bracelets. The others irritate my skin. I can't wear a watch for a few days and that stinks. Heck, I'm wearing a smart watch these days (to monitor health stuff) and the cloth band still causes issue after wearing it for a few hours. So as soon as I can, I swap back to a bracelet watch.

Put a bracelet on the smartwatch

Yep, bracelet.

Mainly a bracelet man. However, I've recently been getting into black rubber, erm, watch straps that is. 馃榾