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Bracelet or No bracelet

I have been noticing something that may be weird or redundant, But I am having a hard time wearing a watch that does not have a bracelet. I have a cou...

My Race Companion

So this is one of the only watches that I did not like at first. I always thought that the Monaco was a interesting watch but not for me. I graduated...

Big Changes

So there has been a lot of things that have happened in the last few months. Where to really begin, I had heart surgery and got a new job in the same...

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commented on thatguytimmy22's WRUW ·

RIGHT!!!!! I got to say was not expecting all of the drivers having difficulty with the grip during the rain.

commented on My Race Companion ·

lol I Wish that is how it works but unfortunately not

commented on Bracelet Choice? ·

I do not disagree that Jubilee is a bit blingy somtimes however you can not deny how comfortable it is especially for smaller wrist gang Lol

commented on Implementing a watch to an outfit ·

I do all the time! I can not tell you I will actually theme an outfit based on the watch I wear. I think it might be a problem 😅

commented on DFW Watch Club Meetup ·

lol the wife said yes so I will see y’all there

commented on DFW Watch Club Meetup ·

I like this Idea a lot I will check my schedule and convince the wife to let me go 😂

commented on Whiskey and Watches? ·

That looks like a great way to end a Friday🍾

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Marry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Hey there Crunchers! Wanted to say thank you for the wonderful community that is here. I can not tell you how great and knowledgeable you all are. I h...

Review ofThe Hydrotimer

So where do I even begin with this watch. Firstly I would have to say that my collecting has changed a lot this year. I used to be an only chronograph...

Jack Mason Hydrotimer

4.4 Avg. Score

F1 weekend!

So ready for F1 this weekend! Had to wear one of the iconic watches

Nice walk

Out for a nice walk before it started down pouring

Wintertime time pieces

So I’ve always had a hard time, figuring out what style of watch I should wear during the seasons. For instance I have heard that you are supposed to...

Nature walk

So yesterday me and fiancé went out on a hike close by it’s actually a pretty popular nature walk. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful outside. We’...