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Happy Hump day!

Mint strap adds a little color to the classic 3940 - good day watchfam!

New Lange launched! Lange 1 Perpetual Calendar in Platinum

Just announced today for the Shanghai Watches and Wonders. Beautiful piece, very understated. Have a look a the pics in the below link. Movement is be...

Baltic Experiments Perpetual Calendar

Anyone else excited about this? A perpetual calendar movement at 9.8mm thickness with a micro-rotor? Hello! Sign me up please!

An Unexpected Watch Purchase

I had some time to kill last Friday evening and unsurprisingly found myself browsing a few watch shops. I had no intention of buying anything. My agen...

Seiko Chronograph Perpetual Review

It is not very often I see w watch review on YouTube and immediately want the watch being reviewed: B...

Seiko SPC251

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George鈥檚 Self Doubt. QUESTION Would you buy this perpetual Calendar for $7500+ I think it鈥檚 a gorgeous watch.

Can anyone tell me to what genre this belongs?

I bought this Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar in 2004 after melting into a malleable goo of wonder with just enough tactile fortitude to hand ove...

Radio-controlled watches

Can people recommend some good radio-controlled watches on a budget? I want to have one for the ultra-precise timekeeping and not having to worry abou...

Why don't we talk more about ...... Ellicott?

Currently based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Ellicott watch brand traces its origins to 17th century. The Ellicott Company could proudly point to its own tra...