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Is the Seiko 5 SNK809 still a relevant watch?

The Seiko 5 SNK809 was introduced almost 20 years ago and has been a popular icon in the watch world. It's affordable price and appealing looks has made it a real gem for watch collectors, especially...
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Blue? Grey? Black? Which is the best dial colour?

Which dial colour should I go for? It's so tricky when they all have their pros and cons, but also when they all look so good. I'm very much keen to ask for a Seiko 5 SRPE watch for Christmas, but I'v...
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Where do I buy a Vostok?

Where can I buy/browse Vostok (UK)? There are very few on Amazon and I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy them from. You can find brands like Seiko in...
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samlooseee commented on I am stuck between these 2 for a everyday watch ·

As a person who has recently received their first mechanical watch (Seiko SRPE53), I think you should just get whichever you think strikes you as being the best experience. You want to look at the watch proudly on your wrist with interest and admiration at the different intricate parts. Both will be very pleasing I'm sure. Not having handwinding and hacking may prove an inconvenience from time to time, however, I think if it won't bother you that much, don't worry about it! You wouldn't buy an ugly Toyota Prius because it's got better fuel economy and you wouldn't spend £50,000 on a Tesla just because it had self driving. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

samlooseee commented on Blue? Grey? Black? Which is the best dial colour? ·

It says you selected blue 😁

samlooseee commented on Where do I buy a Vostok? ·

What an awesome watch!!! I'd love to own something similar in the future.

samlooseee commented on What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Collecting, Pt. 1: Budgeting ·

Cheers pal, much appreciated. Yeah I can afford it, but it’s just there’s options from Vostok that are also really cool and a bit cheaper

samlooseee commented on What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Collecting, Pt. 1: Budgeting ·

As a 16 year old new to watch collecting, I'd be intrigued to see your pt2 and pt3. I'm considering going for a Seiko SRPE53 which will be around £180. I am a working man, receiving around £60 a week, currently dailying a Casio MQ241E. As a first watch, I'm wondering whether to wait and go for something a bit cheaper or whether to go for it. As I've only been interested in this hobby for a couple of months, I don't want to splash out immediately. Maybe a cheaper watch would be a go to. Let me know!

samlooseee commented on My first post on this site, quite nervous for some reason ·

Best Edifice timepiece I’ve seen! 😁

samlooseee commented on First watches!!! ·

Ah interesting! 

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Service or Replace?

These watches are brilliant value (Seiko 5 SRPE53, Orient Maestro) - photo from Teddy Baldassarre. Found around the sub £200 price category. But when it comes to a service down the line, will it be wo...
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Best watch under £200? The SRPE51?

Can you buy a better watch for under £200? I’ve had my eye on Seiko for awhile but was disappointed when I found out the SKX line was discontinued a w...
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First watches!!!

I’m looking for a two watch startup for my first collection. Ideally, a cheaper daily basher and one more quality watch for wearing every now and then...
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