Field watch on a steel bracelet

It may seem odd but this Murph is a completely different watch when you put it on a bracelet.


Nice! Definitely more explorer-like with the bracelet

Looks great. I'd very much like one for the Murph 42mm.

Looks nice. I find that most watches change character when when bracelets and watch straps are switched out. Getting the right strap for a watch can be the difference between loving it and not really liking it.

I鈥檓 sold! That's what I needed to see, this month I鈥檒l have my Murph 38mm, beautiful combo!

I agree. I did the same with my Murph and the bracelet turned it into a whole different watch.

Does that bracelet fit the 42mm version?

Looks great. I had the same feeling putting my D12 homage on my Baltic BOR bracelet. Completely different feeling watch.


Nice #hamilton ! Big fan myself!


If I were after an "all numerals, no date" watch, this, including the bracelet, would be the one.

It looks WICKED 馃敟

Belongs on a strap. Next you'll be putting a leather strap on a diver ....... 馃槈