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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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My wife’s new addition.

I wasn’t planning on buying any new watches any time soon. My wife asked for this model about two years ago and we were finally offered one today. I’d...

A week on the wrist.

After a full week of midnight shift factory work, I am happy to say that my Orion Calamity is running 0 seconds off over these past five days. When my...

Like a toddler playing with the boxes toys came in.

I had to clean out my spare closet today and move all my boxes of boxes. I thought it would be fun to lay them all out in one place for the first time...

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commented on 3 Watch Collecting Philosophy? ·

I’ve given way too much thought to a three watch collection. I’ve found no way to rationalize reducing my current collection to only three. No matter which three stay, something amazing has to be dropped.

commented on Looking for vacheron constantin homage ·
commented on SCAM ALERT ·

I've had a new watch break shortly after receiving it. I had to pay shipping back to Japan. I didn't make a video complaining about it. That's the nature of online sales. It seems that that is the only current complaint against the company.

The rest of the video seems to be a giant advertisement for your own online watch store. Now the click bait and insistence on watching the video makes more sense.

commented on Speedmaster 38mm ·

I think many people mistake the 39mm reduced for this new 38mm variant. They have virtually no relation to each other besides the words on the dial.

The older 39mm Speedy reduced was a perfectly sized, perfectly proportioned, dare I say vintage feeling watch.

This new model is short and thick. It’s side profile is more macaroon than wristwatch. I asked my AD to bring one in for me to try but I balked when I saw it’s actual proportions on my wrist.

commented on SCAM ALERT ·

Is the new company doing the same thing?

commented on SCAM ALERT ·

Is that click on the video so important that it’s not worth saying here? Give me a hint, a clue, a nudge. Otherwise this is all just clickbait that I’ve been trained to ignore.

commented on SCAM ALERT ·

I’m gonna need more than that before I bother to watch the video.

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Sea Quartz 30 has arrived.

I placed my order in September and it arrived on Thursday. I sized the bracelet and wore it for work on Friday. It’s really comfortable and looks grea...

Cartier Friends and Family

My friend bought a new Tank Must L on Saturday and stopped by to share his excitement. I took a moment to snap a pic of my Must XL, his Must L and my...

About the terrible BB58 bracelet:

I’ve had my BB58 for about a year. I’ve tried everything to make it fit well and feel comfortable. I tried it loose. I tried it snug. No matter what,...

Orion Calamity Void

I saw this notice in the Orion newsletter. I’ve been tracking this model for years because I wasn’t ready to buy when it was first introduced. All the...

A watch. No context.


2023 SOTC

I wanted to do a New Years SOTC but I had a couple of outstanding orders waiting to arrive. Everything is settled now and here’s what I currently have...