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Davemcc ·

Here’s my latest addition.

I just picked up the Octo Solotempo 41 in a trade deal. It’s simply amazing on the wrist. The 30mm lug width tapering down to 20mm is a bit unusual bu...
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Davemcc ·

Pelagos 39… YES PLEASE!!!

I had a chance to try on the Pelagos 39 yesterday. It’s amazing. I love it. It is the general size and shape of the BB58 but the titanium case and bra...
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Davemcc ·

Summary of your journey…. In photos.

I’m curious how everyone got to where they are now. Did you start from humble beginnings and build? Have you specialized or broadened your range? Have...
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Davemcc commented on Advice Needed for an Over-thinking Fool ·

Before you choose the Longines, have a look at the Longines Silver Arrow.  It’s a great piece that’s been living in my head rent free for quite a while now. 

Davemcc commented on Hi, I got these from an auction, does anyone know these watches? ·

Buren was a fairly influential company in it’s day.  Buren invented the micro-rotor movement and licenced it to Hamilton for their Thin-o-matic line of watches in the late 50’s and 60’s.  Hamilton was happy enough that they later bought Buren completely.

Buren was critical in the race to develop the first automatic chronograph.  The Cal. 11 developed by Breitling, Heuer, Buren and Dubois-Depraz used a Buren movement with a Dubois-Depraz module mounted to it.  This was responsible for (continuously) arguably the first automatic chronograph and some of the greatest chronograph models to emerge in the late 60’s.  Naturally by owning Buren, Hamilton was able to make use of this movement in its Chronomatic line.

When Hamilton closed it’s American facilities and moved production to Switzerland, all Hamilton production was built in Buren factories.  This lasted until HMW (Hamilton) sold the Hamilton name and trademarks to SSIH (later known as Swatch).  This broke up the Hamilton/Buren joint venture and HMW let Buren quietly fade away into obscurity. 

Davemcc commented on Keep Automatic Watch Winded? ·

I let them sit idle.  I don’t own a winder.  I think winders cause more wear than necessary.  I would use one if I had a perpetual calendar though, just to prevent the nuisance value. 

I had a boss who had his 1991 Pepsi GMT on a winder since new.  He only wore it for special occasions a couple times a year but it had a solid 28 years of constant running on the movement with no service at all. 

That’s a extreme case but either way it doesn’t really matter.  Nothing you do in normal use will irreparably harm the watch so do what you are most comfortable with. 

Davemcc commented on Fun but not fun Post - Post Apocalyptic World ·

In the most likely apocalypse of the post-Putin surprise delivery kind, first I would see which of my watches survived the EMP shock waves.  I don’t know if G-Shocks, quartz, Spring Drive or even basic mechanicals are EMP proof.

Likely that Omegas with non-magnetic hairsprings and other silicon types will survive.  I don’t have any Omegas and can’t remember off the top of my head which of mine are non-magnetic.

I guess I’ll just sit in my basement with my watch case during the blast and if I survive, wear the one that runs. 

Davemcc commented on Retro Divers ·

You made me pick the Seiko on this one which is out of character for me.  LOL

Had you chosen the Longines Legend Diver for this poll, that would be my hands down choice. 

Davemcc commented on GMT Master II ·

It’s a great watch.

Davemcc commented on Best under the radar watches? ·

Good call on Blancpain in this category.  My BPFF Bathyscaphe has become my travel watch for exactly this reason.  It’s discreet, versatile and very capable.


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Davemcc ·

New SuperOcean - 100% reversal

I got a chance to see the new SuperOceans today. In the photos I saw, I wasn’t all that interested. On my wrist, I love it. Especially the blue. It’s...
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Davemcc ·

Sinister GMT II.

My AD had a new sinister GMT II in his case as a “display only”. It was a fully functional watch, not a dummy. It was weird slipping it on for the fir...
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Davemcc ·

New Strap Day

I never really liked the vintage strap the Longines Big Eye titanium came with from the factory. I think the matching blue tweed is a better match for...
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Davemcc ·

About expansion bracelets.

Regarding a recent discussion on expansion bracelets, I’m wearing my father’s old Timex today. The secret to these bracelets is to make sure that the...
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Davemcc ·

Rolex X Steinhart Collab

I’m holding out for the Rolex X Steinhart Collab. They will look exactly like the Submariner but they will have the Steinhart name on the dial. They w...
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Davemcc ·

BB58 vs. BB41

It seems that the BB58 has become arguably the most recommended watch on the interwebz right now, far eclipsing it’s big brother, the Black Bay Herita...
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