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Mondaine 75th Anniversary

On my wrist today is the classic Mondaine 75th Anniversary.

New CW C63 Sealander SH21 Blue Marine

Looks like CW is putting out a Sealander LE with an "In-House" movement that has 120-hour power reserve (twin barrel). I really like the looks of this...

Finally Oris Cherry Red arrived

A few weeks ago, I posted that I love the Oris Aquas Cherry Red. A WC member saw the post and offered me his LNIB Cherry Red to me for a good price, s...

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commented on New CW C63 Sealander SH21 Blue Marine ·

Well new too me lol

commented on [upgrade] Nomos Campus Club 38 on Metal bracelet ·

Is that an OEM bracelet?

commented on [upgrade] Nomos Campus Club 38 on Metal bracelet ·

I am not into California dials either BUT I will wear a Nomos Club with the reverse CA dial. I love the 38mm purple/blue dial.

commented on Getting closer, but need some other opinions ·

My choice would be either A or C. I have the 300 pro and love it and I think the new BB monochrome looks awesome.

commented on Blancpain X ·

They sure do and are.

commented on Tissot sideral ·

I have been very interested in this model even since the introduction. I haven't seen on in the flesh, yet.

commented on Junghans Mega Titan Funkuhr ·

Now that is a special watch. Wear it in remembrance.

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Omega Seamaster 300m Pro

One of my favorite pieces I have. So in love with the 300m Pro. Just wish I was a better photographer.

Blancpain X

Here is my new Blancpain X on wrist. Love it.

Blancpain X Swatch Ocean of Storms.

I am in Düsseldorf now and one of my goals what attempt to purchase a MoonSwatch white Snoopy and a Blancpain Ocean of Storms. Well I was 50% successf...

Oris Aquis Cherry Ref 41.5mm

I was thinking on buying a Mühle Glashutte 29er big until I saw this beauty. I love red dials and this is the sexiest red dial I have seen. I can get...

My Omega Terracotta red Aqua Terra replacement

A while ago, I had a pole on here asking if I should buy a Wise A8 or A9 Watch with a red dial. The winner was the A8 and I just received it. All I ha...

Interested in the SINN u50 HYDRA

I am looking at getting a SINN U50 HYDRA but I have questions first. The HYDRA is a quartz watch and does anyone have experience on what to do when th...