My small collection and formal introduction

1. Seiko Presage SPB165, I purchased this as a gateway watch into Grand Seiko. This was my first sub 40mm watch and Seiko. I was very impressed with the build quality at this price point, the hemp leaf dial is absolutely gorgeous and the 11mm thickness wears comfortably. I chose to pair it with an Artem blue sailcloth strap with white stitching.

The only con is the 6R35 movement, not sure about any of you but I have not gotten anywhere near the stated 70hrs in power reserve. Mine seems to be averaging around 56-59hrs.

2. Seiko Alpinist SPB409, This was an impulse purchase 馃槀 I had read many reviews and had watched many videos that my curiosity got the better of me. I have to say that Seiko does an amazing job with their dial finishing, the sunburst silvery white dial is stunning and steals the show. The case and bracelet finishing is perfect, the mix of brushed and polished finishing gives the watch that sporty and rugged look and aids in drawing people's attention to the wrist.

The 6R54 movement is perfect and the gmt function works well. Unlike the 6R35 this movement is actually achieving it's stated power reserve of 71-72hrs. My only Con would be it's thickness, don't get me wrong I have no issues with a slightly thicker case on a large diameter watch but the Alpinist with it's 39mm case and 46mm length seems to be a little top heavy. Honestly as a tool watch Seiko should have just put a solid case back IMO.

3. Rolex Sub 124060 No Date, This watch speaks for itself! The no date IMO is the perfect everyday tool watch, nothing to clutter the dial just a simple tool to remind one of the time gone in the day. I have owned this watch for many years now and wear it often, the 41mm case is perfect on my wrist and the brushing on the case and bracelet is amazing.

Absolutely no cons here 馃憤馃徑

4. Rolex Sub 116610 Hulk, This is my all time dream watch and is only worn on very special occasions. It will be handed down for generations to come. What can one say when describing the Hulk, the dial and bezel steal the show. The 40mm case is my sweet spot, unfortunately I'm afraid to wear it often 馃槀

5. Grand Seiko SBGA201, This was my first experience with Grand Seiko and the watch that sent me spiraling down the GS rabbit hole! The 41mm case wears much smaller than my Rolex 124060 so it's no wonder why I love it so. The dial like most Grand Seiko's steals the show here. It has an amazing ability to change colors while on the wrist, it must be experienced in person. Unlike the Rolex its finishing is more refined, the mixture of zaratsu polishing and fine brushing on the case and bracelet allows the watch to take on many roles in ones collection. It can be your everyday tool watch that can be worn with jeans and t-shirt or dressed up with a suit and tie. Unlike the Rolex, it looks right at home on a variety of straps.

I find that the date window looks great on this watch, much better than on my Rolex 116610 with its cyclops! The hands and indices have an absolute gorgeous finish to them, which will have you looking down at your watch just to 馃憖 at them.

The 9R65 movement is just awesome 馃槀 that gliding seconds hand is so darn cool and the power reserve on the front of the watch is great IMO. I like knowing at a glance how much power my watch has left and it adds a sporty touch.

No cons here

6. Grand Seiko SBGE255, This Grand Seiko is definitely a more sporty version and is more comparable to my Rolex subs with its Ceramic bezel and lumed hands/indices. Even in my watch case the indices and hands seem dance around in the light. This version has a greater case thickness of 14.7mm compared to the SBGA201 12.5mm but again GS has this uncanny ability with it case designs to wear much smaller and thus wears a lot like my Sub 116610.

Some find that the crown at 4 seems odd but to be honest one really doesn't notice it on the wrist because your eyes are drawn to that radiant sunburst dial. The GMT complication along with the power reserve just work great and add that additional sportiness to the watch.

Again no cons

7. Grand Seiko SBGM247, To be honest this was simply purchased because of its gorgeous Army green dial lol being an Army vet myself, my collection wouldn't be complete without one in my collection. This watch like my Rolex 124060 fills that everyday do anything tool watch category with its more brushed and less zaratsu finished case and bracelet. This wears identically like it's brother SBGE255, but with it's all mechanical movement it adds just enough difference to the collection, however I wish it was a spring drive 馃槈.

No cons

If you made it this far I appreciate you for taking the time to read my post my Crunch Brothers and Sisters!


Iconic watches! Grail! Exellent collection!

Welcome aboard. Nice collection 馃憤

Welcome to the crunch!

Great collection, welcome!

Great picks and you can honestly share your valid thoughts on Rolex v GS. You鈥檝e got 2 v 3, does that reflect your preference? If you had to pick, which is the better brand?


Iconic watches! Grail! Exellent collection!

Thanks mate 馃憡馃徑


Welcome aboard. Nice collection 馃憤

Appreciate it


Welcome to the crunch!

Thanks 馃憡馃徑


Great collection, welcome!

Thank you amigo

Welcome to the Crunch, anda what a great collection!!