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Patek Phillipe or Ademaurs Piguet (AP)

78 votes

Has anybody struggled with a chain band (Stainless-steel, Metal.) that pulls hair from you're wrist?

64 votes

Changed Straps for 3 Watches... How is it?

Hey Crunchers 馃憢, I went to the market and changed the bands for these three watches (Seiko Quartz, Police Timepieces, Pierre Cardin Swiss.) How is it...

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rishabh_rmd9 commented on Thinking Of Buying... This Tissot.

Yes indeed, my wrist is really small.

rishabh_rmd9 commented on rishabh_rmd9's WRUW

Thanks man, cheers馃嵒馃

rishabh_rmd9 commented on rishabh_rmd9's WRUW

It's my mother's 馃槣

rishabh_rmd9 commented on rishabh_rmd9's WRUW


rishabh_rmd9 commented on Hodonkee's WRUW

Lookin good on you're wrist man! 馃嵒馃憤

rishabh_rmd9 commented on dmcguire0208's WRUW

It's at a valuable price too. I like it, good choice馃嵒馃挭

rishabh_rmd9 commented on Ls9009's WRUW

What a watch 馃槏馃嵒

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Thinking Of Buying... This Tissot.

Hey Crunchers馃憢, Hope ya'll doing good. Thinking of purchasing this timepiece, The price on this one is around $340. Please give me you're opninons on...

Hi Crunchers, Please suggest me an affordable watch for a small wrist.

Hey Crunchers馃憢, just wondering if you guys could help me out and suggest me a few good timepieces which are affordable and suitable for a small wrist...

My Watch Collection.

Look, i'm only 10 yrs old. So go easy on me i know it's not a lot of timepieces and not close to anybody's on crunch but i've tried for a year and a h...

IWC Schaffhausen Portofino, Swiss Made.

Phewww.. Work day馃挭

Smartwatch or Luxury Watch?

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