Best budget/affordable watch brand?

129 votes

Orient 馃槑

Not sure Swatch and Seiko are in the same ballpark. 馃

Seiko for Auto, Casio for quartz

I voted casio for obvious reasons.

However if Orient were present that would have got my vote. Best value mechanical watches.

E. Timex. They make everything from affordable digital quartz to mechanical watches.

They also have more "heritage" than any of the brands listed, by a fair margin. According to the internet "heritage" is the most important factor when choosing a watch.

I am going to say Citizen. It is offering better movement tech and new designs on its affordable model lines, allowing it to surpass Seiko as the best affordable watch brand in my mind at the moment.


Orient 馃槑

Was gonna add that one, too many options馃槀

Switch Swatch for 鈥瀉ll of the above鈥 and you鈥檙e set