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My new pick-up - Speedy Racing

Wow….just wow. I really wanted to add a chrono and the current catalogue just wasn't doing it for me so I started looking at the back catalogue and sa...
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My watch hunt is over. I present to you my champion.

For those that have been following some of my posts I had sold all my watches (well...I guess I still had the Apple Watch! :p) and I was wanting to re...
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I’ve done the unthinkable….

I have sold all my watches (yes even the BB Pro) bar one: Explorer II Polar dial (#16570). Man it feels good! I now have a ’one watch collection’. I i...
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quickwristwatchcheck commented on New video. From micro brands to rolex. All in one week ·

Yesssss!! Good seeing you here 👊🏼

quickwristwatchcheck commented on Have you ever been to a watch meet-up or a watch show / event? ·

Would love to attend one in Toronto

quickwristwatchcheck commented on A Worthy Successor? ·

Try the Speedy Racing as well

quickwristwatchcheck commented on My new pick-up - Speedy Racing ·


quickwristwatchcheck commented on Add your SOTC shot for the start of 2023, compare in a year... ·

My one watch after shrinking collection! 🙂

quickwristwatchcheck commented on Do you think this is accurate? ·

Here's what I'd do:

•I'd switch Cartier and Omega around

•Add Zenith to the 'Entry Level Luxury' section

•Move JLC to the connoisseur section

quickwristwatchcheck commented on Rolex Submariner vs. Explorer 2 ·

Explorer II hands down - the #226570 white dial.

In my opinion it is the 'ultimate' watch.

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Top 5 Watches [Of all time?]

Taking inspiration from @geogop ’s post (thank you 👊🏼) I wanted to drill deeper and find out (really even for myself!) what are everyone’s top 5 watch...
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Thoughts on the new Tag Heuer??

It’s already sold out! I am starting to dig Tag Heuer. Love the history and I think they have huge potential. I’m digging this new release and excited...
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Fun but not fun Post - Post Apocalyptic World

What's your one watch to combat either the rise of the machines or a zombie horde? My crazy/fun pick would be the Submersible Bianco, or the PAM01223....
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I think this is so underrated - am I the only one?

Absolutely love how this looks - anyone else think the same? Anyone have any experiences? Thinking.................Which is always dangerous.............
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My fave watch if all time

Which watch brings a smile to your face?
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Black Bay Pro

I turned 40 this year and this was my v late birthday gift to myself. Absolutely love it.
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