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New watch box

A birthday gift from my girlfriend, what watches should I add to it?

Tiers of watches

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? This is a chart I found, I didn’t make it.

In the words of Mel Brooks

“It’s good to be king.”

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commented on nick_jabroni's WRUW ·

Thanks pal!

commented on Tendaar's WRUW ·

Wow that is a stunning timepiece. The green gives me Kermit vibes. Enjoy it, it looks great! The strap really brings it together too.

commented on Darn you datejust!!! ·

I don’t own a GS but I own a DJ. I’d prefer the DJ after the complaints I’ve heard about the GS bracelet. Then again I’m bias.

commented on New watch box ·

Hopefully she picks up the hints man. Congratulations to you two as well. Me and my girl just celebrated 7 years 5 days ago.

commented on New watch box ·

Not much for yellow gold I wear silver or white gold but I do want a vintage watch. Either a Hamilton or Bulova in the near future. This Bulova is nice though, I’m not a fan of chronographs sadly. Too much going on for me and I don’t have a need for it in my day to day life.

commented on New watch box ·

Oh that’s clean looking.

commented on New watch box ·

A gmt will be an eventual purchase but not in the near future. Thanks for the suggestion.

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A Seiko homage?

Really nice of Rolex to do a homage of Seiko.

Rolex or VC

Which one is preferred?

This badger don’t give a f**k

I still want that Rolex badge

Gotta get that pump

I just want that Rolex badge 🤣

Tudor steals the crown

Honestly I have to agree with this assessment. Rolex rolled out some great timepieces this year but Tudor really stepped up to the plate with theirs.