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New strap! What you guys think?

I almost always prefer the bracelet, but i really liked this combo, kinda fells vintagy. Let me know your thoughts. Ps: i love the lume on this watch

Do i trade my San Martin for an SKX007 with box and papers?

So, the oportunity for an skx008 in good condition arrived at my door. I just dont have the money right now. I would have to sell my San Martin SN021-G-B1 that is my first mechanical watch. The SAN Ma...
104 votes

NCA! New clasp alert 馃槀

The new San Martin clasp arrived just now, and i can say it works like a charm. The only issue i had with my SN0021G-B-1 was the lack of micro adjusta...

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commented on Introduction plus NWA

Please share more pics of this farer. It looks sooo good

commented on a post

What you can say about PT5000 movement? All i know is that is a chinese version of the selita SW200. There are s贸 many debates about this movement on internet. Mine is banging +4 seconds a day, no regrets.

commented on SOTC 2024- been a while

Such a great collection, nearly perfect to me, if that is even possible. Its even hard to think about the next one, but i would go for a tag carrera for that vintage racing chrono vibe or some german brand, probably sinn

commented on New strap! What you guys think?

More like a 37mm, 36.9mm to be exact

commented on New strap! What you guys think?

Thats a san Martin sn021-g-b1

commented on Where to buy a smith Everest prs25?

This v铆deo by @andystwt actually made me buy the san Martin over trying to get the smiths

commented on Where to buy a smith Everest prs25?

Love the summiteer, also sugest san Martin sn021-g-b1, Always available, really similar to everest but with gourgeous applied indicies, and for the price you can get the version with the selita sw200


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SOTC - My two piece 鈥渃ollection鈥

- Casio AE1200 aka royale as my quartz sports/beater/travel watch - San Martin SN021-G-B1 aka San Martin explorer as my automatic everyday watch What...

There isn鈥檛 any watch repair shop on top of my house 馃槀

Having fun with my San Martin SN021-G-B1 recreating that iconic Explorer ad

NWA! San Martin Explorer 36mm

This beauty finally arrived today! Be prepared for long post鈥 This is actually my first mechanical watch that i bought for myself to commemorate my 27...

36-38mm black dial watch

I need a little help, if you were to buy your first and only watch, what would it be? It must be a steel, 36 to 38mm, black dial and sub $500 every da...

Royale in leather shoes 馃

This leather strap from ali express made the Casio Royale even better! The perfect everyday/beater watch IMO.