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Celebrating my graduation with a Master of Urban and Environmental Planning degree! Custom crafted brass case, Timascus dial and Seiko movement.

Help with Watch Crunch

How do you get the pictures of the watches you posted to display on your home page?

Custom Bronze

Custom crafted 46mm bronze case, Seiko NH35 automatic movement (no date) sapphire crystal, Timascus dial, 20mm lugs with display back. Thank you Peter...

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commented on Timegrapher ·

What is the actual name and model number?

commented on Beware! Scammers ·

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me…” as the old adage goes. PD will not get a third opportunity from me, but thank you for your kind comments.

commented on Beware! Scammers ·

Thanks SimonB. PD is not a good experience. I see we are both fans of Wing and the awesome experience of Aragon Watches; great design with only high quality components, affordable prices and exceptional customer service!!

commented on Beware! Scammers ·

Done. Thank you!

commented on Beware! Scammers ·

This was my second attempt with Pagani Design watches… both of the watches are total failures!

commented on Boderry? ·

Cota123, thank you for your reply. Much appreciated!

commented on Boderry? ·

Sea Turtle

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Leap Year!

Happy February 29, 2024! 42mm Aragon Matador, Abalone dial (no date). Cheers!

Beware! Scammers

Staying clear of Pagani Design watches… I tried one about 4 years ago and it was very cheaply made and scratched very easily… Fell for a YouTube revie...


What do people think of the Boderry watch brand and quality? I’m considering getting one…, but I’m not sure.

Vintage Android

Beautiful burgundy today.

Day 1 of 2024

Good morning! Starting Day 1 of 2024 with this beauty! 🎉🎉🎉

New Year’s Eve Watch?

Trying to decide which Tritium Tube watch to wear tonight for New Year’s Eve…?