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Snoopy Mod

I鈥檓 no stranger to wearing mods over the years, but this one takes the cake. I can鈥檛 take my eyes off of the dial. Special thanks to @Ichibunz for put...

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commented on solidyetti's WRUW

Perfect lume right there!

commented on gatorcris's WRUW

The red goes perfectly with that green

commented on GadgetBeacon's WRUW

I Absolutely love the green Islander!

commented on Help me choose: BB54 or Pelagos 42

The Pelagos looks sweet on the wrist. Very very hard to beat IMHO. I like it much better than the BB. You will likey end up with both eventually anyway, like most of us here lol

commented on An update for those who know 馃槈..
commented on Omega Seamaster professional 300m, which one looks better?

I like this blue 300m the best. I did look at the summer blue, but I was not too keen on the lack of a transparent caseback. The blue of the original (to my eyes) is bold and beautiful, like an Omega should be. The lighter blue in the summer blue variation, while still very beautiful, just breaks apart the 鈥渟trength鈥 of the dial.

commented on In the Metal, Episode I

So many great watches. Looks like you had a blast!