LED watches

Posting another one of my sub-collections - LEDs! B艂onie T-2077, Hamilton PSR, Hamilton PSR Matrix Ltd. Ed., Bulova Computron, Yema LED Kavinsky Ltd. Ed. and an original ~1977 Commodore Time Master (found NOS and fully functional).

The Hamiltons stand out on the basis of build quality (and the historic Pulsar being the OG digital watch). I'll likely add the standard green PSR as well. The Commodore was an amazing find as I grew up with Commodore and Atari home computers and now I get to wear a Commodore on my wrist. 馃檪

The grade 2 titanium B艂onie is a fun watch with my only amber display and well made. The Bulova and Yema aren't perhaps the greatest quality but are fun watches nonetheless.

Any standout LED watches I'm missing in the collection? The GP Casquette comes to mind...


Those are awesome watches indeed.

I don't know if the Armitron Griffy is really a standout.

Between the Computron and the Blonie, which would you pick?


Between the Computron and the Blonie, which would you pick?

The B艂onie without hesitation. The build quality is much better, it's not a disco ball and it has that Cyberpunk tie-in. 馃槑

Awesome collection!!!

Amazing watches.

Very nice.

I love the Hamilton. James Bond vibes!

Fun collection! Here's mine


Also, Hamilton sent me to the Toronto premiere of Matrix 4 and gave me this to wear!


Very nice!!!

I also have the PSR and Computron. Love them both. The Commodore is awesome!

Holy Vintage Batman!!