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Franklin, ME, USA
U.S.Postal Service. Retired Coast Guard.
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The Grail Watch Finally!! 馃榿馃榿

Wow. Just picked up the Grail Watch. The Panerai Ferrari FER00006. Cannot believe it. Got it for a great price. Great condition. Box and papers. Just...

On the Search for the elusive Panerai.

In pursuit of the Panerai Ferrari FER00040 F1 Abu Dhabi. Very limited. I will find one.

Doxa 600T Caribbean

Great watch!!

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commented on Great Buying Experience

Finally. Some good news. 馃榿

commented on Bronze watches, who likes them?

Extremely nice watch.

commented on #5 suggestions

Why not the Tudor Black Bay 41? Red Bezel!!

commented on Tudor royal 41

Just picked one up with the Champagne dial. I know what you mean. This watch is far nicer than given credit for. It has that Rolex President feel but a far more uniqueness on its own. I really enjoy wearing Tudors and do not have the Rolex guilt that goes along with it.

commented on Tudor

The 925 is such a great watch. So under the radar but surely a Tudor Classic.

commented on wrist_art's WRUW

Nice watch!! Here is todays selection. Rolex Sub on a Rubber B strap. 馃榿馃榿

commented on Vintage 1966 Citizen "Crystal Seven"

Wow. Overall a very nice watch. Well done.

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My New Citizen

Better than I thought. Had Citizen Pro divers before. Not in titanium but was surprisingly far better than I imagined. If a watch passes the wrist tes...

My introduction.

Good day my fellow Watchofiles. This is my intro to Watch Crunch. Glad to be here. Been a watch enthusiast for over 20 years. It is the one itch that...