Best way to stain/color white stitching on watch strap

Hey everyone -

I just picked up a new Tudor Ranger on bracelet. I am looking at picking up a sailcloth strap to emulate the look of the OEM rubberish strap. I do like the look of the contrast stitching, but I want it in some color that approximates the color of the indices. All the aftermarket straps are white or other colors. I have successfully turned the stitches black with a Sharpie on black straps that I didn't want the contrast, but I am trying to go a lighter color this time. Any ideas or experience?



Nice watch! This is the Tudor that has, I think, the most original, least derivative model the make. I鈥檇 like to own one. But I wish they鈥檇 play with the dial colours.

You might have to commission your own if it's not available.


The Barton Sailcloth strap in black (which is brilliant, BTW) has black stitching.

He wants the stitches to match the indices.

I don't know of any. If you do find one, please let me know. I would love one for my Ranger was well.

Maybe with a bit of coffe?

Looking for the same myself.

Try Watchgecko



Fin straps (eBay)

Trouble I'm having is finding one that doesn't have leather (rules out Artem for me unfortunately).

My Watchgecko Zuludiver I wear regularly & I recommend as a cheaper option


Maybe with a bit of coffe?

Or green tea? You'll need a bit of heat to set the color if it ever gets wet.

Or be lame and use a highlighter.

I used mustard to color stitching yellow.

After I did it, someone mentioned a highlighter or a marker; which probably would have worked better.

I've used a marker to go from white to a more amber tone.

I've only ever used black sharpies.. you can obviously get coloured sharpies, but results are going to vary depending on thread and sharpie tone.