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Formex Reef GMT: What strap/bracelet?

NWA! I finally pulled the trigger on a Formex Reef GMT on mesh & choose the “Batman” over the gilt. The mesh bracelet is high quality, but the way it meets the end links causes the bracelet to fla...
29 votes ·

NWA: Longines Hydroquest GMT

As a kid, Longines always seemed like a special brand. I was always fascinated by my grandfather’s dress version (manual 3 hander in gold with aligato...

Watch shopping: WoS & Tank Française

Stopped in at Watches of Switzerland to try on the Tank Française. It’s so different than the one I aspired to in the 90’s. Very cool. On my wrist is...

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TomatoBass commented on Long term brand support? ·

Support is important. Rolex has been great about servicing my modern and vintage models. That said they can be a bit prickly in what they will and won’t do especially with dial and hands. I had to go with an independent watchmaker to a repair a busted crown on my coke gmt because in the estimation they would only do the service if they also swapped out the dial which they saw as defective. I liked the patina on it though so….

TomatoBass commented on Casio🛐 ·

Great color combo

TomatoBass commented on Tudor Black Bay 36 ·

I love a 😃dial.

TomatoBass commented on Why do I torture myself? ·

heritage on 5 link!

TomatoBass commented on Tudor BB54 at The Hermitage Luxury Hotel ·

The bezel really make this watch... Great timepiece!

TomatoBass commented on KCSpike's WRUW ·

I’ve been considering this model. Look great!

TomatoBass commented on Garlando's WRUW ·

So clean!

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The biggest prop watch I’ve ever seen

Harrod’s leading down to Lange. Shockingly HUGE.

Queuing felt like a watch meetup?

I didn’t pick up the collab, but it was fun to see. Many enthusiasts in line, all nice to chat with. Breguet, Blancpain, Lange, Rolex and Omega spotti...

AP X Alyx billboard near Tower Bridge (north side)

I’ve been a fan of Matthew Williams for many years now. In particular his own brand, Alyx, of which I own many pieces. Previously he customized a few...

Dials without hands

Bronze sculpture by Woody Othello SFO, Terminal G, Outdoor Terrace

In the wild: Zenith billboard in Westwood LA

I feel like watch billboards have probably been around for a long time, but I Felipe I’m just starting to notice them now. Zenith Big Pilot billboard...