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This or that

Which one would you choose here?
86 votes

This or that

I like both of these but having a hard time choosing. The negative about the Sinn is its quite thick. What would you choose?
123 votes

Breaking News: Morgan Stanley and LuxeConsult publish Swiss watch industry鈥檚 top 50 companies for 2023

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commented on TAG Heuer Monza on a ribbed nato

Love the monza

commented on Tag Heuer Monaco night

Very nice. Tag is really coming around.

commented on Second Mechanical Watch?

Don't like Bronze so I'd go Sinn

commented on If you could wear one size of watch for the rest of your life, which size would you choose?

Where's the 40mm? That's the sweet spot.

commented on New Release - Hanhart Re-issue the Moby Dick

Nice. Congrats

commented on New Release - Hanhart Re-issue the Moby Dick

You have to buy from watchbuys. They are the U.S. distributor.

commented on New Mido TV drop - 999 pieces only

I dig it but not sure if I'll buy it

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Holding off purchases

Will you hold off any watch purchases until Watches and Wonders?

Exposed: The High-Stakes Lies of Grey Market Watch Dealers!

Good video to watch about the grey market today.

This or that

72 votes

FC or Alpina

Which one would you choose between these two?
83 votes

Watch trends 2024

I know we don't have a crystal ball to see in the future, but what do you think some of the trends will be? Some of my thoughts (pure speculation on m...