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New house. New TV. A couple old Friends

I've assembled a few Captain Willard homages but sold them all. I had to keep a Willard in the collection, so I bought the MY-H8 last year. I just tho...

Koi Pond Maintenance on World Turtle Day

I build my watches to work, and this Turtle takes no holidays off. (Sorry it's out of focus, it was wet and for some reason my camera didn't like it.)

The Addiesdive MY-050S So Far

I purchased this hefty cheapo from Aliexpress back in February, not knowing what to expect. When it arrived, I was surprised at the heft of the thing....

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commented on Wild Watch Wednesday! Letโ€™s see your wild, weird, fun, funky and unique pieces ยท

A few of my Seiko mods. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

commented on Aragon, a #1wc brief history ยท

I still love my Divemaster II.

commented on Do you measure your watches' accuracy? And if you do, by what means? ยท

I use a Weishi timegrapher. For watches that I've assembled myself, I'm generally satisfied with a beat error of 0 to .2ms if it can be achieved in every orientation of the crown. I aim for a gain of no more than 5 secs a day, though that varies with crown orientation as well. With pieces that I've bought, I'm not too bothered if the beat error exceeds .5ms or so, or if it runs +/- 10 secs.

commented on Happy Turtle Day!! ยท
commented on Anybody know something about this watch? ยท

Then it's a watch pieced together from multiple watches.

commented on From Casio to Curiosities: My Watch Journey Begins! ยท


commented on Anybody know something about this watch? ยท

The model number is on the back: 7009-8341. The 7009 refers to the movement and the 8341 is the model.

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Divemaster II Bracelet Upgrade

I originally purchased my Aragon Divemaster II in 42mm on its silicone strap and it's fantastic. It fits my wrist well and the strap is one of the mos...

A Shockingly Good Alternative to a Luminox

Weighing in at an impressive 173 grams on its metal bracelet, this Addiesdive MY-050S was only $23 on Aliexpress. It's luminous quartz stones provide...

Fresh off the Bench: My first StealthYacht-Master

I've assembled a lot of Seiko Mods, but this is my first blacked out model. There is lume on the hour markers and the Mercedes-style hands, but I have...