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The #defsoneanddone Hub

A few months ago, I covered the top 20 watch brands of 2022 through the lens of a single question: “ If you could only own one model of each brand, fo...

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Thick and Thin - My Next Watch

Should I get a super thin dress watch, or go the meme route with another thicc piece? I hate analysis paralysis, especially when it comes to watches! I want to get one last luxury watch for the year b...
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defsNOTgenta commented on Now A Yema & Laco Christmas Giveaway. ·

Ooh, a Yema! I like what the brand is doing but I’ve heard customer service is rather stinky.

defsNOTgenta commented on Watch collection ·

Nice! What are your thoughts on the Serica California? Thinking of getting one myself at some point.

defsNOTgenta commented on It be like that😂 ·

Men, don’t sell yourselves short. The F91W may not be as fancy looking as all those other pieces, but it can:

  1. Be more accurate than F.P. Journe

  2. Be as light as the Richard Mille

  3. Display digital time like the Zeitwerk

  4. Display world time like the Greubel Forsey

  5. Display a chronograph reading like a Daytona

  6. Set an alarm like a Vulcain Cricket

  7. Light up at the press of a button, which NO mechanical watch can do

All for thirty bucks!

defsNOTgenta commented on Fashion is a dirty word - the case for the Chanel J12. ·

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS! I love what the Fashion brands are beginning to do for watchmakimg, and I for one cannot wait to see them take over sooner or later.

I’m trying to decide if I want the J12, or if I should go the Titanium Hermes H08. Both are exceptional for what they are, and for what people perceive that they should be.

defsNOTgenta commented on The one you really want ·

Oh my god

defsNOTgenta commented on You can only keep two… ·

I like the Hublot Service, I’ll be honest with you 😅

defsNOTgenta commented on The one you really want ·

Serica California for me. Not the flashiest watch I’m looking at, but I like the very bare bones approach that it takes.


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