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Talk about affordable luxury!

The Orient Contemporary RA-NB0102S10B I bought for my mom. 32 mm case with in-house automatic hand wind movement. How do they do it for the money? The...

I has arrived!

I will post better photos when I can. This will be a gift for my mother's birthday - Orient RA-NB0102S10B

First World Problems

Here's one: The Heuer Monaco is a grail watch for me. I can't afford one, full stop. However, even if I could get one it would be physically too big f...

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commented on Talk about affordable luxury! ·

I can look past that since it's completely unbeatable for the price.

commented on I has arrived! ·

Thank you, but I didn't want a homage watch.

commented on First World Problems ·

That is a great alternative!

commented on Nothing magic about this watch, but I love wearing it! ·

Great watch, but that's my main gripe about buying an expensive watch. I am careful with any watch I wear, but if I can't just buy a new one if it breaks, it doesn't work for me.

commented on First World Problems ·

Like this?

commented on Bund versus Bracelet ·

Depends on what clothes you wear.

commented on What makes a collection? ·

What makes a watch collection is if you are collecting watches. You buy the watch just because you want it and can afford it. Not just to use them.

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My first watch ever!

Lorus V821-0840 It was gifted to me when I was around 5 or 6, so about 1997. It has been stopped for so long it probably is too far gone, but I will k...

Finally on it's way!

Can't wait!

Joma Shop experience?

I ordered this watch from Joma Shop in the 30th of January, but it still shows as "awaiting shipment". The chat bot states the order is "awaiting appr...

My dad's Bambino

Couple years ago I gifted my dad this beautiful piece. I chose this spec since he owns a vintage Cauny that used to look just like this Orient. The th...

A gift for my mother, part 2

My mom's birthday is soon and I want to gift her a decent mechanical watch. This one fits her style. Already gifted my dad an Orient Bambino, so this...

I miss those summer drives...

I'm not actually timing laps, but it does make sense.