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6.00” / 15.24 cm Wrist
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Jeans strap

Really liking this jeans strap. Matches the white dia and blued hands. Perfect for the summer. Gives it a very dressed down casual vibe. What summer s...

NWA Zelos Comet

I’ve not really paid much attention to Zelos in the past as they seem to focus more on dive watches. Some of their designs are pretty out there. They...


Looking at some salmon dial watches and Zelos came up. Any general feedback on this brand? Seems to be quite a popular microbrand.

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commented on Vario Versa Review ·

Nice review! Really like Vario and it’s nice when the smaller microbrands get some attention.

commented on Wow, just wow… ·

Are they back in stock?

commented on Louis Vuitton is killing it. ·

Hermes has part ownership of a movement company so they’re serious about this. They could have just put in a decorated SW200 and call it in house like so many others.

There’s already a Chinese Homage so that’s when you know they’re doing something right…lol

commented on Good Watch Bad Watch: Critique my watch timing app! ·

Doesn’t allow me to register….

commented on since1906's WRUW ·

I see it’s been sold out for quite some time now. I love the vintage look with modern reliability…lol

commented on Louis Vuitton is killing it. ·

What microrotor movement is that?! Can’t be their own.

commented on Louis Vuitton is killing it. ·

And the Hermes watches that are coming out look absolutely amazing.

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NWA Tisell Marine

New to me Tisell Marine 40. Really like the enamel dial with the heat blued hands. Anyone else fan of enamel dials?

Charles Berret?

Anyone has feedback on this particular brand?

GADA watch

There are many of course but these two appeal to me. If you had to pick one?
100 votes ·

In house movements

I see a lot of talk about in house movements and brands that produce their own are regarded to be a higher grade then say a microbrand that uses somet...

Alcadus Quantra

What do you guys think? I love micro rotor movements and this to me is like a nice Baltic MR01 upgrade with the sapphire crystal. The movement is also...

IWC Portugieser

What model is this specifically? I love how IWC is spelled out. It’s a Portugeiser but I don’t see it on IWC’s website. I love the font.