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A couple of more renders of the Palermo concept

Tried to make a new design this weekend, but stopped in the middle as did not like where it was going. So went back and updated the previous concept a...

My prediction for Watches and Wonders 2024 Rolex reveal on April 9 - 1908 tourbillon

Actually, I've modeled and rendered this a while back and posted on reddit. Got mixed reactions there. Rolex enthusiasts can be brutal over there and...

My current daily drivers - the Jeep and the Range Rover.

Love them both. Wear these all the time.

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commented on Smaller, slenderer, thinner integrated sport watch concept

That's a good question! I don't really know. It would have to be something rally thin as the watch is just 8mm thick. I definitely would want an automatic movement in it. Something with a micro rotor would work nicely, but I don't know of any mass produced micro rotor movements...

Compromise of a manual wound or quarts is an option, but neither sound that great to me.

commented on Smaller, slenderer, thinner integrated sport watch concept

Thanks! Which date position you prefer 6 or 3?

commented on Updated design from previous post

Yeah, I actually played around with a GMT design for it. Put the 24 hour track on the rehaut, but didn't like it. I'll try the bezel, but something tells me it's going to ruin the look. Maybe I should just change the name:)

commented on Updated design from previous post

That's very kind of you. Thanks!!!

commented on Updated design from previous post

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it. I was envisioning the screw-down crown for this and made the crown guards about 2mm thinner than the diameter of the crown, so there is enough top and bottom grip I think. Here is the side view:


I do this just for fun for now. Not gonna lie, I do fantasize about creating my own micro-brand sometimes. But the level of commitment and risk this implies scares me a bit. But definitely not off the table. Maybe when I'm retired or if good opportunity presents itself. Who knows....

commented on Concept chronograph

Good idea, thanks!

commented on Amateur watch design

I think it has to be the bezel shape. I've done a couple of more concepts with this shape (see one of them below), and I really think it works for a sport watch. So this was my thinking, typical case diameter/bracelet size proportions are 40mm/20mm. This works really well. My beef with this was always the crown. Either it has no guards, and just oddly sticks out and ruins the aesthetic of the case design. Or with guards, it breaks the symmetry. If you offset the guards on the other side with extra case material (think PF Nautilus), it looks good, but... two things, to keep proportions elegant, bracelet widths needs to be increased, and it just doesn't work with a round bezel IMO, so the Nautilus face and bezel are not round.

So one day I though, what if I partially compromise on just the bezel roundness and came up with this shape. The symmetry is preserved, face is round crown is neatly tucked away in crown guards. Proportions are still 40/20.


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Smaller, slenderer, thinner integrated sport watch concept

Continuing with the integrated bracelet sport watches, here is a render of a concept that is on the smaller side - 36 mm diameter and only 8mm thick....

Updated design from previous post

Someone commented on my last post that the lugs were too short for the end link to fit. I thought it was a good point and spent some time updating the...

Simple 3-hand/date automatic sport concept with art-deco vibes.

Some more weekend Blender doodling. What do you think?

Concept chronograph

A chronograph concept with integrated bracelet. Went for (or tried at least) more industrial design. Titanium. Case size 40mm. Case thickness 11.7mm....

Amateur watch design

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