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Cars and Watches 鉂わ笍

I was invited to a Hagerty鈥檚 Drivers Club meetup and was surprised that WestTime and Girard-Perregaux had a table exhibit inside the Aston Martin show...

La Jolla Concours Co-sponsored by IWC Schaffhausen

I went to the La Jolla Concours d鈥橢legance yesterday and IWC Schaffhausen is a new co-sponsor. They had a booth with watches to try on and these two c...

Information Please

Hey 鈥楥runchers. I am a car guy as well as watch geek. I am part of a committee tasked with finding a manufacturer or vendor that represents customized...

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commented on Cars and Watches 鉂わ笍

We owned and drove two Genesis sedans and liked them very much. Nice Omega!

commented on How happy are you with the watches you have ?

I am going to say 10 out of 10. Each of my quartz watches perform well for their function. Some were gifts but differ when they are appropriate to wear. If I鈥檓 undecided on what watch to wear, it鈥檚 usually a quartz that gets picked first.

commented on How important is accuracy for you?

It doesn鈥檛 matter to me. I change watches between my quartz and mechanicals so much that I always have to reset the mechanicals when I choose to wear them. I think that accuracy is only important when the task that you are involved in must be accurate to the minimum but those tasks are few and far between. You probably aren鈥檛 timing a moonshot with your wristwatch.

commented on confessions: which watch do you own but never wear?

Although I hardly ever wear it, I will never sell it either - my 14k Rolex OP Date. I wear it only on special family occasions like weddings or anniversaries.

commented on What was your first watch..? Don鈥檛 judge me 馃ぃ

My first watch? Check out my WRUW. I wear it a lot.

commented on Automotive Watches Meetup at The Ace Caf茅, London

Wish we had something like this in SoCal.

commented on Post your favorite watch that does NOT have any lume!

Omega De Ville


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Intersect and Intersect Los Angeles

I was cruising through some watchmaker websites and stumbled across a notification on Intersect Los Angeles. Have any of you heard about this or gone...

Interesting Find-Part 2

Went back to pick up my Citizen and captured these pictures of the Omega Seamaster De Ville 14K. The dial is just gorgeous. The minute hand needs new...

Interesting Find

Hey Watch Crunchers! Have not posted much lately; yesterday I came across this vintage Omega Seamaster De Ville at my local watchmaker. I needed to ta...

My beginnings in watches

Some of my story is here in my blog. https://www.alwayslookingforanother.com/blog/always-looking-for-another-what

Omega DeVille Dress

Second acquisition mid 70s. Dress Omega. Extremely thin mechanical hand wound. Love this one.